Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot chocolate or Kahlua 1/16/10

I did not expect anyone except crazed people in the exurban sprawl to be hosting yard sales today but I did find two events within the limits of tolerable driving distance. The weather was still cold with temperatures in the low forties. To bring out buyers one this day one sale offered hot chocolate the other coffee and Kahlua.

Rosalia Ave. – Grant Park “Yard Sale”

I Should have gone to the other sale first since they did not have the coffee ready when I arrived and did not want to appear as a wondering yard sale derelict by demanding a shot of straight Kailua. This was a small sale in the yard and porch of a frame bungalow just off Boulevard in Grant Park. There was not a lot of stuff here and I was not sure if they even wanted to put everything outside when I arrived. On the porch were some books, a few articles of women’s clothing, some small glass vases and an unopened box containing a bicycle tire. In the yard was an ironing board with a few more items of clothing displayed upon it and some shoes beneath it. I did not wait around for the coffee to brew and bought nothing.

Gayle St. Medlock “Yard Sale”

This sale in the carport of an older ranch home was a much larger event. Here in the driveway and in the shelter or the carport was arranged a collection of clothing and household items. Assembled on a bookcase was a woman’s collection of pig figures. Most were plush but there were some small porcine porcelains as well. In addition to pigs it appeared the sellers loved shoes as well seeming hundreds of pairs of footwear were lined up along the edge of the carport. I’m not sure how long it takes to accumulate this many shoes but it was apparent that the sellers had not gotten rid of many shoes in quite some time. On one of the many tables inside the carport was an assortment of board games and puzzles among them were Sex and the City, Scattergories, Battle of the Sexes, a children’s mystery game and a jigsaw puzzle of an angelfish. The seller also had a large collection of recorders. I asked her if she had a recorder band. She told me that at one time she was taking lessons and kept losing them. It appeared she finally found them and was now divesting them. Other stuff here included a CD set on Securities Regulation, some old Easter D├ęcor, a VHS tape on Bun and Thigh sculpting and a set of metal attachments for shoes that made it easier to walk on ice.
I bought an old dictionary to use for an upcoming installation in Virginia where I will have plants sprouting from books. I paid a dollar for it. I did have a cup of their hot chocolate. Sad to say it was barely warm and nearly tasteless. I wish I had stayed around for the Kailua.

A large and colorful selection of shoes in Medlock.

Collected porcine items.


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