Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A quick visit to a basement before the Geography Bee 12/1/07

McLendon Ave. - Lake Claire "Estate Sale"

I was on my way to the county Geography Bee to coach my team of third graders when I came upon this sale. The only areas of the house open to buyer were the basement and the garage. Going through the back door I headed down the narrow staircase to the small basement of this frame bungalow. It appeared that they had just put some sign and price sticker on things here and had arranged nearly nothing. Old cans of paint set on shelves next to packages of insecticide and opened containers of cleaning products. Mixed in were assorted Xmas decorations, coils of wire, assorted bits of hardware in jars and boxes, and some coffee mugs. Larger Items found in the dim space included a wheel chair, a rocking chair with a seat in need of repair and a humidifier with a large pot of artificially flowers on top of it. On the floor were some old issues of Hemming’s Motor News and some plastic plaques depicting a variety of animals.
The showpiece of the old garage was a massive ‘62 Pontiac with its round taillights protruding out of the small wooden structure. A sign indicated the vehicle had already been sold. In the portion of the garage not occupied by the Pontiac was more unsorted clutter like I found in the basement. On two card tables set a selection of half empty containers of cleaning products offered for sale to anyone passing by. The old man who watched over the event asked me if I had known the owners. I wanted to tell him I felt like I did.
I bought a half dozen coffee mugs for 25 cents each.
I then headed on to the Geography Bee where my team overwhelmed their opponents and won first place.

Images of wildlife in the basement.

Flowers among the clutter in a dim space.

A Grand vehicle in a small space.