Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday 10-21-06

I seldom like to visit yard sales held by people I know. First there is the obligation to buy coupled with the familiar sense that your friends and neighbors know that you are judging them by their goods out in their yard. Today I visited three sales held by friends and neighbors.

Hardendorf Ave. – Lake Claire - “Multifamily Sale”
Both these sales were visible from my front porch. The larger of the two filled up most of the driveway and the sidewalk in front of the home owned by the two gentlemen across the street. Here I found some odds and ends from their rock bank such as a Tascam four track mixer, a pink guitar strap, a studded belt and a pair of leopard skin platform shoes. In the driveway were some Halloween masks, a portrait of a dog, a print of a woman’s legs, and a disassembled ceiling fan. Among some books were “Choke”, “The Jesus Papers” and “A Prayer for Owen Meany”.
Other items included a cocktail mixer, a set of traveling decanters, a retro style telephone and a pair of devil horns.

Portrait of neighbor's pet dog.

Neighbor's dog wanders among the clutter.

Pile of goods selected by a buyer.

The other sale two doors down were much smaller and featured some women’s clothing, a children’s playscape, a large plush frog and a saddle. The saddle was perched atop the playscape.
I bought nothing.
Saddle on a playscape.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oakdale Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale was held in the driveway of a friend who is in Cindy’s poker group. She is another yard sale addict but she actually buys and accumulates the stuff she finds at sales. At this event she was culling her clutter and putting a good bit out for sale. Nearly all of what was here was decorative and non-utilitarian. Unless one considers candles utilitarian. Even the clothing such as the French maids outfit hanging from a tree or the tee shirt that said “No Money, No Honey” fit this standard. Some objects were cryptic in nature such as a box of quartz crystals or another box of melted candles. Larger items of furniture appeared as if they had always been distressed. Through all this wandered the seller’s cat. Other stuff gathered about included a tapestry with the words “The Queen of Everything”, ceramic masks, several things in glass bubbles, a pair of garish porcelain chickens and a large plush bear. Among some books I found “Power Vs Force”, “The Labyrinth of Solitude”, “Fruits of the Moon Tree”, “The Adventure of Self Discovery”, “Mans Search for Meaning” and “The Politics of Experience”. I bought nothing but Cindy came home with some clothing.

Dress on a stop sign.

Costume in a tree.
Oakdale Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale on the southern end of the same street was in the yard and on the steps of a craftsman bungalow covered in spray cobwebs. Some folks around here have a good sense of Halloween decorating but this household just went wild with the cobwebs. Below the faux gossamer was a washer and dryer, some undergarments, shoes, tote bags, a traveling large animal cage, a paint by the numbers kit and some books. Among the books were “Codependent No More”, “The Bartenders Standard Manual”, “The Bartenders Bible”, “Metropolitan Life” and “Experimental Theater”.
I bought nothing but Cindy purchased a bathrob and a wool hat.

Cobweb covered home.

Reading matter and other goods displayed on front steps.
Elmira St. Candler Park “Yard Sale”

In front of another bungalow with an anti war sign in the middle of her yard a woman watched over an assortment of clutter. Here I found a poster showing the varieties of squash, some light fixtures, several one gallon cans of old paint, some costume jewelry, a few kitchen items and a lot of books. One box of books carried a sign reading “relationships from 70’s, 80’s”. Two decades later she must be moving on to new relationships. Among the titles put out were “Your Yoga Body map for Vitality”, “The Cancer Prevention Diet”, “The Physician Within You”, “The Pursuit of Loneliness”, “The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul”, “Old As Dirt –So What”, “Smart Women/Foolish Choices”, “Learning to Fly”.
There were several boxes and signs around indicating that various things were free. I took a free book on personal renewal.

Books no longer needed.

One of the free things found on Elmira.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Saturday 10-07-2006

Elmira St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale featured an excessive amount of Halloween wares and I found myself wondering if this individual was a freelance Halloween décor dealer or simply liked to hoard these materials. In the front yard and porch of this craftsman bungalow I found a large Creature from the Black Lagoon mask, a string of lights featuring smaller Lagoon Creature heads, a variety of plastic bats (the flying mammal not the whiffle ball sort) a large plastic light up Frankenstein and an assortment of faux skulls or differing sizes. There were also a number of other adult child items including the stereotypical assortment of unopened Star Wars figures and some protective gear for skateboarding or some other knee crushing activity. The sale featured a large selection of garish clothing for sale; shoes with animal prints and hefty heals as well as glittery club-ware as well as some practical pieces of apparel.
I bought nothing
Santa and plastic bat

Head of the creature.

Selection of fine footware.

Skulls on Elmira.
Euclid Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This was a small and boring sale in front of a 1950’s era apartment building. Here was a table with a few things on it, some boxes on the ground and some stuff scattered upon an old quilt. Among the clutter were cans of spray paint, an assortment of kitchen knives, some Cds without cases, a car radio, a night light in the shape of Jesus, some partially used containers of moisturizer, a poster for the film Magnolia and a pillow with an image of the Eiffel Tower on it. Among some books were “The Listening Book”, “She’s Come Undone”, “Alchemical Psychology”, “Discipline and Punish”, “The Little Brown Handbooks” and “Andy Rooney Meets the Avant Garde”
I bought nothing.
Box with sacred nighlight.

Boring selection of clutter.
Howard Cir. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

There seems to be a sale at this home every fall. This year’s event was larger than the ones in the past. In the yard and walkways was an assortment of clutter that included children’s playthings, a box of paintball gear, some Xmas décor, a pair of Cat in the Hat slippers, some audio equipment, a jumble of computer and electric cables, an 8 X 10 inch photos of an old cemetery and several cute ceramic bears. In one area was a pile of rolled up posters. Printed on the outside of one were the words “Blood alcohol Experiment in Progress”. Among some books on the ground were “The Theory of Knowledge”, “Growing Up”, “Le Divorce” and several works by Isaac Asimov. Near the entrance of the house was a neat line of brown paper bags. The seller told me they were surprise packages.
I bought nothing.
Unwanted Holiday decor' on Howard Cir.

Paintball gear being divested.

Bags of Mystery

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

September 31, 2006

Oakdale Ave.- Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This was a sale for a family moving to the UK. As an adult I have never moved to another country or for that matter to anywhere except another neighborhood in Atlanta. When one moves abroad I presume much needs to be left behind. Here on Oakdale there was a good bit for sale but it seems like a lot of the contents of this large newer home did not make it into the sale being held in the driveway and yard. So for sale here I found a lot of things that would not have made it on a trip to another local neighborhood. Dominating the driveway was a large strange and modern looking Madonna that appeared to be made of some sort of paper mache’ and cloth products. Next to it was a large plush dog. Other clutter not making it across the pond were a chrome pair of figurines that may have been Adam and Eve, A Napoleonic figure that appeared to be rendered from recycled tin, a teapot shaped like a pineapple (these are so common in the UK taking it would be like sending coals to Newcastle). Other things being abandoned in the US were a VCR (the standard is different) some hand painted Indonesian décor items, a box filled with beer can cozies, two broken doll heads, several bobbing head sports figures, a plastic bin full of women’s shoes and a lot of books. Among the books were “Why do cats sulk?”, “The Promise of Sleep”, “Dr. Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter”, “The Innkeeper Register”, “101 Uses for a Golden Retriever”, “Holy War Inc.”, “Play Your Best Pool”, “What Would Buddha Do”, “The Road Less Traveled”, “Do It Yourself Shitatsu” “Executive Job Changing” and “Dance with Anger”.
I bought three beakers for Cindy to mix paints in and a shirt.

Doll heads and a crystal ball.

Tin figures not being taken to the UK.

In the land of room temperture beer these coozies will not be needed.

Arizona Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale walked the thin line between quaint and sad. Here an older couple watched over one curbside table of a meager collection of items of home décor and utility. The sad part was that it was one of those “why did you even bother to move this stuff to the street” sales. On the table were some ceramic frogs, a small decorative birdcage, a broken watch and a spray can of protect all. The gentleman told me there was more stuff down by the basement. Here I found an old pile of rope and a wash tub with a barbecue fish cooker in it.
I bought nothing.

Wash tub with fish cooker.
McLendon Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I had gotten an early start at Oakdale so when I arrived here the sale was at peak capacity. It’s both invigorating and irritating to deal with a vibrant early morning crowd. Here people mostly got in the way of my shots when I tried to take pictures of the assembled clutter. In the driveway I found a collection of mostly newer and clean looking goods. Most interesting and perhaps a testimony to the seller’s lifestyle was a box filled with hard bound copies of L.Ron Hubbard sci-fi books. Some other books here included “The Book of Firsts”, “Your Money of Your Life”, “The UFO Experience”, “Tell Me a Riddle”, “The House with the Clock in it’s Walls”, “Bet You Can”, “Bet You Can’t” and “Future Times Three”. Other stuff scattered about included a perogi maker still in its original box, a number of mundane kitchen appliances, stemware, some action figures, a clock missing it’s hands and a highly disturbing looking Xmas tree ball with humanoid features.
I bought nothing.
The works of L. Ron Hubbard being divested.

Disturbing humanoid Xmas decoration.
Gordon St. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale had a more easy going atmosphere than the prior one and a few less people. In the driveway of this large manor home I found an old fire extinguisher, a painting that looked like a finger print, a clock with ceramic vegetables in place of numbers, a stack of VCRs, TVs and other electric gear, a large disheveled pile of clothing, a pointy headed terra cotta figure and a set of women’s hair curlers. There also were a few boxes of odd cables and unknown electrical items selling for 25 cents.
I bought a sweater from the disheveled pile of clothing.

Image of large thumb print?

Disheveled pile of clothes.
Anniston Dr. - Kirkwood “Yard Sale”

Going outside the borders of my neighborhood I headed to this small sale across the railroad tracks. Here I found some large Xmas décor on the curb and a number of cardboard boxes containing selected clutter in the driveway. Leaning against the home was a sample display of door knobs and locks. Atop the fence in front of the home were two teapots, one was a likeness of Tarzan the other of Paul Revere. Among a box of books I found “Feel, Grow, Rich”, “An American Life”, “Keeping the Best” and “Come Fill the Cup”.
I bought nothing.

Door knobs on diplay in Kirkwood.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Saturday 9-23-2006

Ponce De Leon Manor – Druid Hills “Neighborhood Sale”

I have a love hate relationship with neighborhood sales. On one hand you have a lot of sales within walking distance, but flipside is that most of the sales themselves are not very interesting. I noted before that a lot of people who have sales really don’t need to have a sale and don’t have much to put out on the street.
Ponce manor is along dead end street that appears to be a late afterthought to the development of Druid Hills. Most of the homes here are deluxe ranch homes and new infill McMansions. Overall it’s very bourgeois. Today there were about seven sales on the street only one of them much more than a single table full of clutter. The one larger sale feature a large selection of office supplies from the CDC. Among the stuff were three ring binders that carried labels like SARS and hepatitis. There were also books on virus mixed in with small plush animals and mug with peace symbols. The other sales featured the usual clutter like Halloween décor, pet bowls, and Xmas items. I found few odd items like a lava lamp, a hand painted bureau topped with several plush bears, a pair of ice skates and a painting of playful whales. Some books found there included “Finders Keepers”, “Loitering with Intent” and “Belva Plain”.
I bought nothing.
Bags from CDC conferences.

Unknown item seen on Ponce Manor

Macrocephalic plush dog.

Jingoistic clutter for sale.

Bears upon a bureau.
Sisson Ave. – Kirkwood “Yard Sale”

This was a small sale that had been well picked over when I arrived. I found some books including “Language Delays and Disorders”, “The Case for Christ”, “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques” and some cookbooks. There was also some promotional stuff from the Cartoon network.
I bought nothing.
Virginia Ave. – Virginia Highlands “Moving Sale”

This sale was all hype and little substance. The flyers placed on dozens of poles likened the sale to the Wizard of Oz. When I arrived and climbed the long flight of stairs to the front of this brick bungalow there was nearly nothing there. A few pieces of clothing and kitchen things on a tarp and a very large Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon poster was all I found.
I bought nothing.
Oxford Rd. – Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

In front of a brick bungalow near Emory women watched over a yard full of assorted clutter. There were a lot of books here some titles included “In Total Control”, “The Impersonal Life”, “Eat Fat Lose Weight”, ”Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World”, “The Neon bible”, “Chicken Soup for the woman’s Soul”, “Simple Guide to Bird Care”, “Infectious Disease Secrets”, “Prayer is Good Medicine”, “The Hot Guide to Safe Sex”, “Our Children Are Watching” and “Indonesian Made Simple”. In the yard were women’s clothing, several art prints and a large photograph of what appeared to be an dirty floor, a Scandinavian kitchen device called a Sawa, some 40th birthday novelty items, patterns for making Xmas ornaments and pillows, a metal tray with images of cute kittens and a set of cards for studying for the microbiology boards.
I bought nothing.
Assorted playthings on the ground.

Cards for the study of microbes.

Scandanavian cooking implement.
Alta Ave. – Inman Park “Yard Sale”

This sale was at the home of the folks who ran the Tiki/Hawaiian store in Little Five Points. There was of course an over abundance of Tiki stuff here. In addition to hula figurines, Aloha shirts and a pair of Ukuleles were a stack of board games, a large plaster bust of an Indian chief and a violin. In a box of books I found “Profiles in Courage”, “Legal Handbook for Small Business”, “A Sorrow in Our Heart”, “ The Hundred Secret Senses” and “The Lizzie McGuire Quiz Book”.
Across the street was a very small sale with very few things but they did have a wonderful hand made sign.
I bought nothing at either sale.

South Pacific decor.

Bust of native American.

Sign for a small sale.