Sunday, November 28, 2004

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The holidays are here and sales are not

The holidays are here, for yard sales this is the dry season, the dead zone, the great lull. I expected little this week and found little. The weather has turned colder and only those who plan poorly or are seasonally confused are bothering to pile clutter out into their front yards and driveways.
When I went down to the corner of McLendon and Clifton to look for signs I found only notices for lost dogs and cryptic pictures of young women with halos and angel wings attired in lingerie attached to utility poles.

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Saturday November 27, 2004

Webster Dr.-Decatur.

After actually completing some necessary errands such as getting my oil changed and having a flat fixed I stumbled across this lone sale near Emory University. In an apartment complex a couple were selling a lot of household items outside their front door. They seemed to be from Eastern Europe so perhaps they were immune to all this “don’t have a yard sale get into the holidays” fuss. Like most apartment sales the picking were light. Among the items scattered about were a thigh master, a baby stroller, a Pioneer amplifier, a child’s car seat, several small kitchen appliances including a blender, a 131 piece auto tool kit that looked like it had never been opened and a spindle of CD-rs that was half empty.
They tell me that everything was lower than marked.
I buy nothing.

High Point Place,-Morningside

In a house on this street with a wonderful view of the CDC buildings over a mile in the distance was a selection of items on the sidewalk and in a small garage. On the sidewalk were some framed jigsaw puzzles and a few classical Cds. Going up the driveway to the garage was a selection of small throw rugs, a cat napper that was still in the box, a salad spinner, a toilet seat, a vacuum cleaner with the bold name “World Vac”, two sets of pumpkin shaped Halloween lights, and a old door. Books included “The Goddess Speaks” and “How to live 365 days a year”.
On the way out I noticed a selection of give a way tote sacks from conferences one was from the Georgia Conference on Children of Cocaine Abusers.
I bought nothing.

St. Charles Ave.-Virginia Highlands

This sale represents more of what I expect to see as the year comes to a close and the temperature continues to drop. Two women clad in heavy coats are standing watch over a few small piles of unneeded possessions outside a two story home. A large sign for this sale sits on a metal easel weighted down by a flatbed scanner to prevent it from being blown over by the cold winds. It proclaims “free boxes”. The boxes are not needed for the purchases for there will not be many. The boxes instead indicate instead that the owners are moving leaving these two women most likely renters in this home to stay behind and sell off some meager belongings. Some of the items littering the front lawn include a two tiered hard boiled egg server and a back pack that holds picnic supplies (I have never seem one of these that was actually used). There is also a large plastic tub with some brushes inside of it. I later hear one of the women remark. “ Is that a beer making kit?” The sellers tell me that the owners of the house are also selling the boxes of beige ceramic tile stacked up on the front steps. I am told they paid $600 for the tile and are now selling it for $50. But no buyers are anywhere in sight. Near the street is a small pile of free items that include a Christmas tree stand, some old slide projector trays and a few bowls.
I bought nothing.

Ridgewood Ave.-Lake Claire

A sign on McLendon directs me down Ridgewood to find three pieces of office furniture in someone’s front yard. There is a sign on the desk that says “for sale”. My urge is to go back to the sign and scribble in “attempted” before the words yard sale. This is a sad harbinger of what is to come in the next six weeks.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The solitary beacon of yard sales on a damp November morning. Posted by Hello

Free!!! If you want old copies of fitness magazines and votive candles. Posted by Hello

Eradicating the presence of Nsync in thier home. Posted by Hello

November 20, 2004

I awoke this Saturday quite tired and not expecting many sales and I didn’t find many. At ten I was supposed to help a friend move, so I did not have much time to look. After driving from Candler Park to Emory to Decatur and back I located only a single sale.

Elmira Ave.- Candler Park

The signs were very inviting with the words “Yard sale cheap and free stuff”. This sale behind a home was not very big but it was the only thing happening today. The free stuff consisted of a box of old Runners World magazines and a box of small votive candles. The main theme of this sale was Nsync, they had Nsync Cds, Nsync videos, Nsync magazines and best of all Nsync bobble head dolls still in the original packaging. Indicating a time prior to the seller’s or seller’s offspring involvement with Nsync there were also a few New Kids on the Block Cds. Other items included a Ouija board and one of those fortune telling 8 Ball. I asked it if I would find something to buy here. It answered “Not very likely” There was also a large piece of foam bedding.
I bought nothing.

A postcard from one of south Georgia's more noted landmarks. Posted by Hello

From a purchase in Clarkston. Notice the chimney shaped like Idaho. Posted by Hello

November 19, 2004

Northern Ave. Clarkston- Estate Sale

I headed to this sale after work on Friday Afternoon. I had never ventured into Clarkston for a sale before, even though it is not far from my place of work. Clarkston has become an interesting community with the largest percentage foriegn born population of any municipality in the state. The émigrés range from Bosnians to Laotians to Somalis. But this sale represented the old Clarkston, a bedroom community for Atlanta in the 60’s. Northern Ave., is just outside 285(but the near part of 285) is an attractive street of early 50’s bungalows nestled on rolling tree covered hills. Walking down the driveway I first encounter a large metal bell on an old table with a tag reading describing it as a farm bell. Outside the front door were several agrarian looking implements as well as a large metal tank that could have been used for the moonshine trade. Inside the home I was met by an atmosphere of mustiness. The sellers tell me that the house had been closed up for a very long time. The old carpeting underfoot adds to the thick smell of the unpleasant miasma. Aside from the bad air the home contained a number of very wonderful artifacts of the prior residents life. In a closet I found a pair of down foot warmers as well as an electric foot bath labeled a Foot Fixer. There were a number of caps lying or hanging around the premises. One was from the USS John F Kennedy, another from the Knoxville Worlds Fair and one was a sample Masonic cap that had a Masonic symbol and the words “your city and state here” on it. In another closet were several old Naval Officer uniforms slathered with mildew. Books included a number of religious titles such as “The Bible Almanac” but I also found an early printing of “Human Sexual Response”. The décor was very simple and pleasant. The bed was covered with a brightly colored chenille bedspread and the walls had some remarkable artwork. In frames on one wall were a number of childlike bird prints on another wall a 3 by 3 inch painting of a clown. Some old colored pencil hand drawings of sailing ships (perhaps done by the naval officer on a long voyage), and a photo of Shriners in an open caddy convertible were in the hallway and bedroom. Most notable of all were two small decopauged prints, one of Jimmy Carter the other of a very faded LBJ.
In the living room was a box of old Newsweeks and Playboys from the 1960’s. In a box of jewelry and other small items there was a pin with the words “Worlds Best Kisser” on it. On a bed was a stack of old aprons and in the back room behind the kitchen hanging on the door was a “Let me tell you about my grandchildren” license plate. I spent a good deal of my time here going though a pile of old postcards. Of which I selected and purchased about 20.

Monday, November 15, 2004

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Nov. 13, 2004

This was not a good weekend for yard sales. There were a few around but I had to overcome my addiction just was not go. I was Drastically behind on some personal projects in the wake of an ongoing Macintosh disaster, that has left four hard drives dead. In addition I had a house guest and had already spending far too many waking hours trying to decipher how to correctly operate my newly purchased DVD recorder. I only made it to two sales and to a special flea market.

Terrace Dr. Candler Park

This was a beautiful setting with an array of old junk on a vista overlooking the park. Piles of no longer needed clutter nestled among fallen leaves in shades of brown and gold.
Sadly I have lost my notes on this sale and all I recall is a large rag doll nestled next to an old stump. But from my photos I was able identify several boxes of old shoes a red leather jacket and a tee shirt from the Harvard School of Business.

I bought nothing

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park

This was a fairly large sale with a good number of inexplicable items. One of the largest single as well as inexplicable items was a big mirror with a gay 90’s scene of a bicycle built for two etched into the glass. Some other turn of the century styled pieces included a pair of plaques showing a quaint looking Ma and Paw weighting themselves on a scale as well as a sign in the shape of a pointing finger with the words Bath 25cents below the finger. More modern merchandise included a gigantic shop vac and three computer monitor for $10 each. There was a selection of clothing including a “blonde’s t shirt” that had directions indicating where the arms and head go. A large selection of books included the titles “ How to clean practically anything” “ Going the other way” by Billy Bean “The Good Marriage” and “ How I laughed my way through menopause”. A stack of Lps included the omnipresent “Frampton Comes Alive” as well as the soundtrack to A Chorus Line. A box of old travel books included several on Italy such as 1998’s “Eating out in Italy”. Another box of books contained mostly 80’s sci fi and fantasy novels. Other media included a set of 11 Anthony Robbins life improvement cassettes. Also at the sale was a set of golf clubs and a mildewed pair of Eddie Bauer boots. By far the most impressive item was a 1965 white Cadillac Deville with Texas plates parked in front of the home.
I bought nothing

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Nov. 13, 2004

Fundraising Flea Market for the Family of Todd Butler
Jake’s Toad House- Outer Decatur

I stopped by this flea market held in honor of one of the great lovers of clutter Todd Butler. Nearly all the items were donated by his friends, who are also lovers of clutter. So I’m sure they had a hard time parting with a lot of the things there. The merchandise was almost neatly arrayed in the parking lot. Several live bands played while people shifted through the stuff. It was also nice to be able to nurse a cold PBR while shopping.
There was almost too much to name but some of the noteworthy things included:
A decopauged autographed print of Marie Osmond
The Sip N Sing karoke mug- a tankard with a built in microphone and speaker.
A Nunzilla figure
A demented looking snowman cookie jar whose face resembled the restraining mask Hannibal Lecter wears.
A bingo money jar.
Old copies of Arizona Highways from the 1950’s
Attack of the 50 foot woman on VHS
A Harmony Bowl- a relaxing indoor desktop fountain.
The Elvisopoly Game

I buy a commemorative plate of the Edaville Railway and a book “Sex American Style”

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Monday, November 08, 2004

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Nov. 6, 2004

The election and Halloween are now behind us and even in Georgia the climate is changing. So the holidays will be upon us and the season, that is the Yard Sale Season will soon come to an end. Estate sales will continue for people continue to die or be put away, but the average, “I just want to rid myself of all this junk sales” nearly come to a close. Only a few stout-hearted individuals still have sales for some reason or another. The classified section for in the AJC will soon no longer have a large masthead announcing Fall Garage Sales flanked with icons of Autumn leaves. The nadir of the season, the weeks before and after Christmas will have just scant listings in the paper, a few inches of ads hidden somewhere in the classifieds. I find this season a difficult time. Even though there is much else to do,(well there is always a lot of other things to do) the sales end. They disappear like migratory birds flying to warmer climates or fishes heading to deeper or colder waters. They always return but the holiday world is an empty but remarkable time. A time when useless clutter in people’s yards bedecked with small circular price tags is replaced with garish décor in red and green. Foil wrapped gigantic candy canes, fill in for discarded monitors, poorly constructed animatronic reindeer replace unwanted bread machines and colossal inflatable Polar Bears occupy the space where that huge pile of Fisher Price toys once dwelled on a sunny day in September. But it does indicate that it’s all a cycle. For in this time when no sales are held people are buying LCD monitors and disconnecting their CRTs, soon to be ex-wives are giving shirts of ugly colors to soon to be ex-husbands, and friends are giving friends candles in the shape of cinnamon buns. It is the wheel of life constantly turning as clutter is received then disowned.
I will continue this blog through the dead season with commentary on something of value, but I will no longer be able to observe life through the departing clutter of my neighbors and countrymen.
This week there are less sales. My knee pain of last week is gone. I have still not gotten my cat Tony his shots yet. But he still shows no signs of rabies. In my community the Kerry and Bush sign are slowly coming down but as I drive around I do notice that some Halloween items are still up. The leaves are falling and so is the temperature.

Miller Ave.-Candler Park

I came about this sale by a sign tacked to a light post. This had to be one on the worse signs I have seen this season. It was designed not to be a sign but more of a memo. This printer printed 81/2 by 11 had nothing larger than 24 point type on it. There is no way anyone could read this tiny print from a passing car. The seller did not even bother to use bold type. When I noticed the sign I was expecting it to say, “the meeting scheduled for the accounts payable department has been rescheduled from 3:30 to 3:30”. Anyone driving past this trying to read it would most likely cause a pile up on McLendon. Perhaps the designers of the so called traffic calming improvements on McLendon should have just put up small yard sale signs instead of these horrendous bulb outs. Traffic would have slowed down by people trying to read them or slowed down by people having wrecks reading them. Anyway I end up getting out of the car and walking to the post to read it. When I head to the sale at 9:15 I find nothing but a broken chair and table in the yard. In the driveway is a broken Kerry sign. One the back of the truck in the drive way are a lot of stickers for left wing causes. Perhaps this is all a parallel to the failed Kerry campaign. The Democrats signs were too small and they didn’t have their stuff ready. I don’t even stick around to see what this guy is bringing out.
I buy nothing and there is almost nothing to buy.

McLendon Ave- Candler Park Apartment Sale

This is a small sale on the front stoop of an older apartment building. There are several cheap looking Easter decorations for sale, one that looks like three rabbit heads made out of real eggs. The is a small hand painted plaque with an turn on the century looking waif on it with the quote “You don’t say” written above it. On the same table is a large metal sculpture of a fish. The seller also has an ugly abstract painting, a pair of inline skates and a book “The Everything Dog Training and trick Book:
I buy nothing.

McLendon Ave, Lake Claire

In the drive way of this house is a wide assortment of mismatched items that include a Curious George jack in the Box, 3 alarm clocks, a commemorative plate from Kansas City, a lacrosse helmet and knee pads, an embroidered print of Mt. Fuji, the celebrity Taboo game and old luggage.. There are a number of books and video tapes such as “The Road less traveled” and “The road warrior workout” the VHS tapes include a self made copy of Clockwork Orange and episodes of Twin Peaks, as well as a original copy of Ruth Leitmans “Wildwood”. Near the street is a cardboard box with a dozen or so little dolls in their original packaging. They are labeled “Impkins”
I buy nothing.

Palifox Dr.- Lake Claire

In the front yard and drive way of this home is a vast selection of items indicating the things the owners are no longer interested in. Among them are a bread maker, a zip drive a scanner and two printers. There is a large framed print of three Ibex. Across from it is an old looking record player, when I life the lid I find on the turntable is an Lp by Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers. Also for sale is a set of water and snow skis as well as diving fins. Culinary items include a Swedish Cookie Press and a home beer brewing kit. In the front yard is a pile of dolls and some Fisher Price toys. Near the driveway are two large toy cars, one is a pink Barbie convertible big enough for a three year old to drive,
I buy nothing.

Mead St, Oakhurst

In front of and on the porch of an attractive craftsman bungalow is a huge selection of mismatched clutter. I am impressed by how many ugly items I see here. It is not limited to: Some china from Poland, three patio umbrellas, a large plastic playscape. On the porch I find an ashtray from Miami’s Fontainblue Hotel. Also in the yard is a bin of children’s clothes and a box of cookbooks. “Out of Alaska’s Kitchens” contain a recipe for garlic bread salad, while the very retro “Wonders of the Waring Blended” includes the directions for creating liverloaf.
I buy nothing

Ansley St.- Oakhurst, “Huge Sale”

This sale is not huge at all as the signs indicate, but one of the sellers assures me that there is more on the way. Among the limited offering are several fancy corkscrews, woolen caps that say “The Goods” on them, one figure ( the lady Pilgrim) from a pair of the famous salt n pepper shakers from the overplayed Publix holiday commercial. I presume the Pilgrim man figure was finally eaten by the dog in the commercial. There is also a metal handcrafted looking safety razor that looks like an attempt at art. It does not look safe to use.
I buy nothing.

Lamont Dr.- Decatur

This is very much a classic Decatur sale, where and in-town family just wants more room and less clutter. Among the belongings they are departing with are: Reflexology socks, two pitchers shaped like bundles of asparagus, “The NYC Ballet Workout on VHS, “Miss Manner Guide to Child Rearing”. Other books include “Millie’s Book” the biography of George H. Bush’s dog, “The search for Significance” as well as a large set of books “Discovering Antiques. There is also a box of old Disney videotapes.
I buy nothing

Drexel Ave.-Decatur

This sale is in the small front yard of an older bungalow. Among the section is a lot of women’s and children’s clothes,
A book “Tips for Quilters” Several framed Ansel Adams prints, lots of kid’s toys a bread maker, an Atlanta Knight’s mug. On the porch I see four gas camping lanterns, but one of the seller’s kids tells me they are not for sale and that her dad collects lanterns.
I buy nothing.

Ponce De Leon Place, Decatur “Estate Sale” (so called)

This is not an estate sale but a crime scene. The victum is the earnest seeker of a true estate sale who is duped by the scoundrels that created this sham. Inside a Victorian bungalow is not an estate sale at all but a ruse. The seller most likely had a failed antique or gift store and moved the merchandise here. Or perhaps this is the shenanigans of some antique store owner wannabe. There is absolutely no evidence that anything in this house belonged to one person or that that person lived in this house. I doubt that anyone even died (or was put in a home). This grisly crime scene is filled with horrifying evidence ranging from umbrella stands filled with fancy unopened rolls of gift wrap to a room full of African art that looks like it all came over in the same shipping container.
I have but one word- SHAME!