Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays

If yard sales are not happening around me where are they happening? On Boxing Day I perused Craigslist both locally and internationally to see what yard sale were posted or being held on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I found it pathetic in some way that people were posting sales for old clutter on Christmas day instead singing carols, eating too much or getting intoxicated. A few things I found disturbing were the person in snowbound Fargo who posted a garbage can for sale on Christmas Day. Further north an individual in Anchorage posted a room air conditioner on Craigslist something that I really doubt is in demand in our 49th state this time of year. Also in Alaska I found someone selling clothing on Xmas day in of all places Wasilla, but they did not appear to be clothing used in a recent run for vice president.

In Los Angeles one person was getting rid of a very basic looking room divider perhaps with the hope someone needed a very boring last minute gift.

In the Washington DC listings I found a massive brass hookah for sale by a man claiming he was suddenly leaving the US. In addition to the seller also had a large brass camel. Perhaps this was an early visitation of the magi. Locally the most interesting Christmas post was a gentleman selling a new Kirby vacuum with all the accessories. Everyone knows all Kirbys eventually end up on the street.

As In years past I have shown some of the locals yard of Xmas. On McLendon the large effigy of Obama was topped with a Santa hat for the season. I hope the massive display stays up and changes with the season as hearts, shamrocks and bunnies find a way onto the image of our new iconic chief executive.
While wondering the streets of Candler Park the other day I did notice how disturbing those framework holiday figures look when they are not lit up during the day. The reindeer and snow men are eerily reminiscent of circa 1989 non- fully render computer graphics.

I escaped from Tron to wish you a happy holiday.

Nothing says the holiday is over better than a deflated santa lying face down in the pavement.

A Happy New Year to all readers of Yard sale Addict.

This is not an orphaned site!

After going more weeks than ever before of not posting, I’m finally getting around to updating this site. I can only blame the weather, the holidays and my self for this long period of inattention.

Sad to say I have not attended any sales worth documenting since November. In this case I blame the dreadful cold, wet and overcast skies that have plagued this city since Thanksgiving. This is not to say there were not any sales, just not any worth mentioning in my small portion of the world. That portion is limited to an enclave of neighborhoods within two miles of my home. The rest of Atlanta appears full of yard sales, as the economic glue of this nation has separated. Criagslist is filled with listing in places outside of I 285 where McMansions face foreclosure and SUV lie abandoned with empty gas tanks along the highways. A few weeks ago a local radio station interviewed me regarding the rise of yard sales in this time of economic demise. I am honored to be considered as an economic pundit, but sadly I’m still not going to these somber events outside my normal range of yard sailing.

In December I was very occupied with Cindy’s graduation and solo exhibition at Sycamore Place Gallery. Her show “Now Explosion” let me relive (at least for one night) the glory of the Celebrity/Nitery Club nights. She received a great story in the Southern Voice ( the opening was a packed event. One of the notable events that evening was the public singing premiere of Kitty Butler a Now Explosion scion.

Mob of art patrons at Now Explosion opening.

A mortarboard wearing Cindy Zarrilli salutes the future at Sycamore Place Gallery.

Following the opening we spent some holiday time in Tequesta escaping the dark and wet skies of Atlanta

Blue waters and blue skies in South Florida.