Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saturday 10/22/05

The Little Five Points Halloween parade is today and large crowds are descending upon the nearby neighborhoods but once again those wanting to rid their homes of excess do not seem to want to capitalize on the crowds. What has happened in this city? Is it fear of Avian flu, impending hurricanes or the economic and political malaise that has settle upon our nations? Once again a short report.

Lake Clair Court – lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This was in the driveway and garage of a large home built several years ago in an infill cul de sac. As I have stated in earlier dispatches you can take the cul de sac out of the suburbs but you can’t take the suburbs out of the cul de sac. This sale featured like nearly all infill homes a large selection of infant and children’s items. Outside the garage were two boxes of books in them I found “Exercising your way through Pregnancy”, “Confessions of a slacker mom”, “Osage Indian Murders” and “ William Bennett’s “Book of virtues”. Near Bennett’s opus to moral quality was a box of PC based Las Vegas games. Some stuff gathered on top of a table included a clock with images of vegetables in place of numerals (The clock was set at 20 minutes after carrots), an embroidered picture of a Cathy cartoon character eating with the caption “cramming for exams” and an incense burner shaped like a wigwam. There were also the usual unneeded kitchen appliances such as an espresso maker and an ice cream maker. The toys gather there were dominated by a large plush snowman. The most bizarre plaything was a blue elephant head with a five-foot plastic flexible trunk. When a blower was turned on the trunk blew out little plastic butterflies. The seller told me her younger child liked to put them in her mouth and she was afraid her child would choke on the blown insects.I bought nothing but did get to see a demonstration of the butterfly blowing elephant in action.

Virtues and wagering two of Mr. Bennett's favorite things found together.

Large plush snowperson and frog.

Choking hazard spewing elephant head.
McLendon Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Directly across the street and up a steep driveway was another sale. As I made my way up the drive to the yard I relised I had visited this same site last year almost to the week. I had read last October’s entries in this journal the previous night and discovered that they were selling the same box of auto organizers I had mentioned a year ago. Aside from the organizers there was a lot less stuff than the prior year. Among the clutter in the yard was a print of a Noah’s ark scene, a child’s toilet seat, a breast pump, some old faucets, mini blinds and the ever present disassembled ceiling fan.
I bought nothing.

Tuxedo Dr. Lake Claire “ Yard Sale”

This sale was in the AJC and I had expected more to be in this driveway then there was but on a day like today you settle for what you get. I headed directly towards a bottle of Chateau Elan Blush wine but was sadly told it was not for sale but was just put out to demonstrate how a wine bottle holder worked. Looking around I found a battery operated Language Master translator, a copies of “Analysing the Presidency” and “ Chicken soup for a Woman’s Soul”, some fire place tools, two Tae Bo VHS tapes, a microwave oven and a pair of inline skates. While I was there I was happy to see buyers bringing their children in Holloween costumes to the sale. While there I ran into two other Saturday yard sale regulars, a local musician/writer and the food critic whose sale I had reported on several weeks ago. We discusses the lack of sales and could not comprehend the decline in quantity and quality. After the discussion I decided to head east towards Decatur.

Columbia Dr.- Decatur “Garage Sale”

After driving around being misled by small signs promoting a children’s 5K literary run, I came across this sale in the parking lot of a home remodeling business off Columbia Dr. Most of the stuff here appeared to have been unloaded out of the back of a truck in the parking lot. I was immediately not impressed with what I saw. The few notable things were a box set of the Left Behind books, an ever present disassembled ceiling fan, a box of mugs, a bunch of purses displayed on a step ladder and a Believe in Yourself journal that had never been filled in.
I bought nothing, but I am now considering doing a photo series of disassembled ceiling fans.

Patterson Ave. - Scottdale “Yard Sale”

I had seen this ad in Craigslist and wanted to see what a Scottdale sale would feature since I work near this former mill village. The sale was in the yard of one of actual old mill houses. When I arrived I found it was hosted by a local artist that that I see around clubs and galleries. Like any local artist she was in need of money and had the usual arty things for sale. Among the items found in her yard and porch was a bag of prayer clothes and other items sent to her by faith healers, a bowl of Xmas balls that she had painted, VHS tapes of films such as Bird, The Cooler and House of Sand and Fog. There was also a stack of food and wine magazines, a very big flatbed scanner, a copy of “The Thinking Cat’s Guide to The Millennium” a container of small rubber ducks, a naïve commemorative plate of South Carolina and a drunken figure with a light up nose leaning on a lamppost.
I bought nothing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bag of religious handouts.

Naive Carolina Plate.

Drunk with glowing nose.

Another millennium item divested.
Ponce De Leon Manor –“Yard Sale”

Ponce Manor is a strange dead end street and community within Druid Hills. I’ve never been sure how it came about but the end of it looks like it’s a detached part of Roswell. This sale was at that end. In the driveway and garage of this oversized Tudor style home I found some wicker furniture, a Nordic track machine, a Mt. Vernon commemorative plate, a kit for making a model of the George Wythe House in Williamsburg and an embroidery kit for making a faux old flour bag.
I bought nothing.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tasers, Paintball Pistols and a Figurine of Sick Children

This week I expected far more sales in Candler Park and it’s adjoining neighborhoods with the annual Fallfest in the park this weekend. But it seems few wished to capitalize on the heavier traffic in the community. My friend and reseller Terry had her sale up again, but she’s been open nearly every weekend for the last two months selling her own finds to folk waiting for tables at the Flying Biscuit. But today the rank and file residents were not out in their yards divesting themselves of clutter on this Saturday Morning.
Iverson Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

A medium spread of clutter was in front of and on the porch of this two-story frame house. On the porch I found a large framed photo of the liberty bell, along with two smaller framed prints one of the Auburn creed, and another that simply posed the question “What is Auburn?” In the yard I found a bowling ball, a George Foreman grill, kneepads, a pair of inline skates, a disassembled Solaflex machine, a large pair of speakers, a pair of microwave ovens and a very large dog travel cage. Among the books I saw “The Gay Kama Sutra”, “The Buck Stops Here”, “Finding True Love in a Man Eat Man World”, “Idiots Guide to Golf” as well as several Tom Clancy novels and old management textbooks. On a table there were a few dozen CDs. The CDs included works by Garth Brooks, Boston, Clint Black as well as several DJ club mixes.
I bought nothing.

Framed symbol of freedom found on Iverson.
Lullwater Rd.- Druid Hills “Yard Sales”

In front of two smaller adjoining Druid Hills homes I found a selection of clutter in the driveways. The first driveway had boxed sets of not too old National Geographics, a large exercise ball, a University of Alabama mug, an exercise mat, a box of something called Calpirinha mix, two food choppers and some door knockers. Resting on a table was a Gorham figurine of two overall wearing boys clutching their stomachs. Upon close inspection there were two corncob pipes next to the boys. Perhaps this was some anti smoking totem. Media included, “Kayaking” a set of Earl Nightengale CDs entitled “How to improve your memory”, “The Womanly art of Breastfeeding”, ”The Champion within You”, ”Practical Black Bass Fishing” and a small book called “What Every Woman should have”, there was also a Delta airlines sales learning CD.
The second driveway had less stuff. There I found a Cat in the Hat hat, a pile of golf clubs, three trashcans, a wooden mantle and a bassinet.

Two lads sickened by nicotine captured in porcelin.

This book must not be one of the things every woman should have.
Lullwater Rd- Druid Hills “Multi Family Sale”

This sale was cancelled due to rain last week. The sale was in the yard of a large colonial revival mansion that sits high at the end of a long steep drive way. At the top of the driveway I found a very large plastic kids puppet theatre that was marked sold, a rack of Mardi Gras beads with a sign saying that proceeds were going to disaster relief, Next to it were some snow skis. At the end of the drive some children were selling homemade Halloween décor. Most of the stuff for sale was in the yard and the bulk of it was toys. Among the toys I found yet another spin art kit, a bubble gum making machine, a children’s ice cream maker, an oversized tomahawk, an even more oversized Tonka truck and countless piles of small plastic playthings. Up on the porch were a few pieces of furniture, a guitar amp, an oversized pepper mill, a poster from the Freud museum and a naïve painting of a riverboat.
In the driveway were a few boxes of books. In them I came across “The Oxford Dictionary of Opera”, “The Little Encyclopedia of Superstitions” and a boxed set of “Baby’s First Impressions” on VHS. There was also a disassembled Nordic Track machine in the driveway.
I bought nothing.

Sign for child craft creations.

Hand made spiders.

Yet another reason for obesity among children in America.
Merrill Dr. – Decatur “Moving Sale”

This sale was in the rear carport of a 1950’s ranch home. On the side of the carport was a large road case the size of a small car from a local audio-visual company. The sellers told me they did not know what it was worth. In the carport I found a pair of paint ball pistols some old management and nuclear physics textbooks, a bible, some men’s clothing, a novelty liquor pump that resembled a vintage gas station pump, some old chrome kitchen appliances, a copy of “How to Live Longer”, a small old laptop, a selection of small signs, more Mardi Gras beads, two aquariums, a box of old cell phones, a gavel and a self described portable ashtray. I pondered what ashtrays are not portable.
I bought nothing, but told them that new road cases can be very expensive.

Sign for sale.

Fill your engine with this liquor pump.
Ridley Dir. – Decatur “Yard Sale”

There was a lot of older clutter in the yard of this bungalow not far from the noted corner of Ridley and Scott. One of the first items I came upon lying on a table was a Taser. At least it was marked “taser” but I could not make out the actual brand of this possible knockoff brand stunning device. I asked the seller if it worked and they replied that it did. But they told me they took the batteries out so no one would get hurt. Other stuff on the table included large Santa shaped candles, a model rocket, a weather radio, glassware and playing cards. A box of VHS tapes yielded a copy of “ How to Irritate People” as well as two videos of marching bands; “Massed Bands on Parade” and “Edinburgh Military Tattoo”. A box of books featured a number of war and military titles such as “Nine Days to Dunkirk” there was also an old copy of the “Pets Allowed Hotel Guide”
Scattered about the yard was a large selection of basement fodder that included no less then three disassembled ceiling fans with their blades stacked in a large aquarium, a fan driven gutter cleaner, a chain saw, some old luggage, a box of lamp harps, a large coil of coaxial cable, a bag of beanie babies and three drill presses.
I bought nothing.

Artwood Dr. - Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

In the driveway of this brick home I found a stack of Playboys, a weight bench, some men’s shirts, Men’s Health magazines, a copy of the “Idiots guide to beating debt”, some Sean Hannity books, a NEC TV, a copy of “The Purpose Driven Life”, “The Dummies Guide to Job Interviews”, “Road Map to Ecstasy” and a muscle building guidebook. Under a table was an old word processor, a sign that said “Life’s too short not to be Irish” and a nail dryer. Some LPs nearby included works by Aha, Queen and the Jesus Explosion.
I bought nothing.

Just a little further down Artwood was another sale. There I found an old Power Mac, a copy of ‘How to Use Your Time to Get things done”, a garbage disposal and a ceiling fan.
I bought two books here “Discriptionary: A thematic Dictionary” and “The Dictionary of Bias Free Usage” for a dollar each.

Fan blades in aquarium.

Trio of drill presses.

Arizona Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was well picked through when I arrived. A lot of the stuff looked like it had dragged out of the basement several times for sales in the past. In front of this craftsman bungalow I found books on old house remodeling and computer programming, some classical LPs as well as an album of truck driving songs “High Balling Hits”. I also found another copy of “The Womanly art of Brest feeding”. In a case on a table was an unopened packet of Ross Perot trading cards. There were also old telephones, a decorative bottle of peppers in vinegar, three Wiley Coyote shampoo bottle tops, two card shufflers, a pair of Kreshes and a clarinet. Some larger items include a disassembled weight bench and a kerosene heater.
I bought nothing

Aldophus St. Lake Claire "Moving Sale”

There were so few things in this yard I had to ask if they were having a sale. In the yard I found a copy of the Trailer Park Tycoon game, two Atlanta Public Library books, a rebel flag belt buckle, some women’s clothes and a dinette set.
I bought nothing.

Later at home while browsing through the two books I purchased I decided that both would be helpful in my writing. But the books were in some ways contradictory. The Descriptionary tells me the Achilles Heel is one of 1050 words and phrases everyone needs to know. Yet the Dictionary of Bias free usage tells me not to use the phrase since it gives a male bias. It suggest using the term instead “chink in ones armor”. I am surprised that any bias free guide would ever encourage the use the word chink.

Trio of coyote heads.

Music for truck drivin' men.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sunday 10/9/05

Irwin St. - Old 4th Ward "Moving Sale"

After dropping Cindy off for her poker game in Inman Park I stopped at one sale in the old 4th Ward. This was in front of a newly built cinder block house that I had called bunker-like in a post back in December. When I arrived officers from the APD had just maced a man three doors down who had gotten out of control. While I was there rummaging through the clutter paramedics came and took him away.
At the sale was a selection of men’s clothing, a PC of which the seller was not sure of the OS, books by Ayn Rand, on home building and how to make money in real estate. Along the street were a gas grill, a sink some mirrors and a table saw.
I bought a shirt and a tie.

Rained out and locked out

Today my visitations were curtailed by the dismal wet weather which caused several sales to be cancelled and by locking myself out of my car. I have learned a lesson. When you go to a yard sale take your keys with you. But at least it did not rain on my walk home.

Saturday 10/8/05

Lullwater Rd. - Druid Hills ‘Cancelled Sale”

When I drove up to this well advertised multifamily sale I found only a sign stating it was cancelled due to rain.

Oakdale Rd. - Druid Hills “Garage Sale

This sale was in the back driveway of a brick Italianate mansion. When I arrived the seller was still setting up. But there was not a lot to set up. On a table was the Archrival game, a hand held car ionizer, a copy of “Atkins for Life” and a Smoothie Pro smoothie maker. Next to the table was a large wine rack. Near the garage was a rack of men’s shirts and a small table missing a leg. On another table was a selection of children’s books and a guide to making paper airplanes. On the ground I found a Spin Art Kit, a large bag of Beanie Babies and a pamphlet entitled “How Some Americans came to hate the National Government”. It was published by Emory University.
I bought nothing.

Highland Terrace – Virginia Highlands “Moving Sale”

This inside the house sale had started the day before so I don’t know how much I missed at this event. Inside this totally renovated brick Tudor home was mostly a selection of large furniture pieces that occupied much of the floor space of a large vaulted living room. There was a smattering of smaller objects throughout the three-level home. In a main floor bedroom I found a massive disco ball resting on a king size bed. On the lower level I found most or the rooms nearly empty except for some artwork of men without shirts, a rack of men’s shirts, a lava lamp and a sombrero. Some furnishing on that level also included a white leather sofa and matching chair and a large four poster bed. Facing the bed was a new TV placed on top of a vintage TV.
The upper level contained a finished attic that contained nearly nothing.
Under a table in the living room I found a small stack of Lps that contained works by Mary Martin, Ethel Smith and the Sons of the Pioneers. Other stuff found on the main level was a old framed photo of the Maine state pier, a cap from Stainmaster carpet cleaners, a basket of very large pine cones, a large cross set with faux jewels and a pair of tennis rackets.
Outside on the sidewalk were piles of old yard tools, some boxes of switch plates and other assorted basement fodder. An old bicycle had a stack of sofa cushions upon it.
I bought two shirts. When I got to my car I found my keys were locked inside. I then walked home, a journey of three miles. It did not rain on my way home. But I did see an interesting sign along the way.

Candler Park Dr.- Candler Park “Yard Sale”

After walking home I went out to buy cat food and stopped at this sale. On the porch of this craftsman bungalow I was met by a toddler shuffling about on snow skiis. There was not a lot of clutter left at this late time. Among the items I noticed were some Excel guidebooks, a coffee maker, a pile of sweaters and a very old cell phone, the type that you carried in a pouch.
I bought nothing.

Painting of shirtless men.

Bicycle with pillows

Sign seen on my walk home.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back into the Yards of Clutter

As I return to my weekend excursions into the divestments of my neighbors I notice a few things have changed as it’s a new and dreadful morning in America as a great city struggles to rebuild and gasoline prices peak to record high levels. Almost the prices that people in other civilized countries have been paying for years. Here in my corner of the nation life goes on signs go up and clutter appears in yards. The amount of sales has tapered off to some degree since my last dispatch. With the multitude of fund raising activities requesting all sort of donated goods it appears a lot of stuff destined for yard sales has made its way to help the disaster victims.

Saturday 10/1/05

Page Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Not wanting to use any more gas than possible I stick close to home this morning. This sale is watched over by a Vietnamese woman. As I approach another woman is buying a large wooden bas relief of a Vietnamese village scene. The seller remarks that her family brought the item from Vietnam. I wonder if this wall décor was something that her family smuggled on a raft crossing the South China Sea and protected it from pirates who raided refugee flotillas? She sells it for only $15. There are two other Vietnamese pieces of art remaining that may have come over on the same boat. Also in her yard are copies of the “DaVinci Code”, “Girl Interrupted”, “How to Teach Your Baby Math” and “The Jane Austen Book Club”. Nearby, on a Table I yet another copy of WCIYP. There is also a collection of small decorative bottles and an empty Seven Habits Organizer.
I buy nothing.

Page Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Almost directly across the street is a slightly smaller sale. Here I find a tea set, some office supplies, and a set of candles in small wine glasses that contain such scents as Merlot and a Jim Bean hat. Further testifying to the decline of high protein diets I find a George Foreman grill. Lying on the grass are three framed Chinese ideograms representing tranquility, wisdom and happiness.
I buy nothing.

Glendale Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

A large sign leads me to this sale on the walkway and porch of a craftsman bungalow. There I find several desk lamps, a few pillows, a paper shredder, a black metal bed frame and a bulletin board.I buy nothing.

Iverson Dr. Candler Park ‘Yard Sale”

Standing guard over this sale is a large Mexican made Knight in Armor. This sale is a larger event than the others but they have not put everything thing out yet and seem a bit disorganized. On a table is a Halloween candy bowl with a hand that tries to grab at you, a Super Scrabble game, a framed poster from the movie “Lost Boys” and a plush parrot. On the porch is a box of books some titles includes “The Feng Shui Book” and “The Vulnerable Therapist”. There is also a monitor for $30 and an Abs Works exercise device still in the box.
I buy nothing.

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This sale in the yard and drive way of a small ranch house next to a wonderfully eerie Second Empire frame Victorian mansion. Among the clutter gathered there is a Scottish Gaelic language course package, a copy of “Decoding Gender in Science Fiction” a set of kneepads, a stack of surfing magazines, “Final Cut Pro for Dummies” and a manual for restoring a 58 to 72 Impala. In the rear of the sale are some shelves containing several still in the package Lord of the Rings and Spawn characters. Also on the shelves are copies of or the graphic novel Minerva, Warhammer and Collectors Universe magazines. On a table I find a Gumby antenna topper still in its original package, a copy of an Elia Kazan Biography and several posters for the film Jeepers Creepers.
On the ground are two large 35mm film reels. I ask what is on the film and the seller says he does not know. He told me He acquired them from a local talk show host who had used them as décor in his home theatre. The talk show host had bought them at a yard sale years ago and also did not know what was on the reels. The seller said the leader of the film showed a hippie next to a Volkswagen. Parked near the pair of film reels was a 69 Doge Dart.
I bought nothing.
Rocky Ford – Kirkwood “Moving Sale”

There was a for sale sign in the yard of this brick bungalow hosting the sale. In the driveway and yard I found A Stevie Nicks T shirt, two oversized Chinese paper fans, a pile of cheap luggage, a dinette set and a blender. Books included works on art history and philosophy.
I bought a Braun coffee maker nearly identical to the malfunctioning one I have in my kitchen, for two dollars.
I also clocked my mileage this morning a found I had driven only 6.4 miles. That included the side trip I made to the Target and Kroger on Moreland .