Friday, December 22, 2006

Saturday 12/16/06

Terrace Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale"

The holidays are approaching but the temperature has risen and once again it’s reasonable weather for yard sales. Today’s first sale is at a home of a local sign artist. I covered a sale here two years ago as I recognize the stump in the front yard that once held a large doll. Today there is a moderate assortment of old clutter spread across the yard of this brick bungalow facing Candler Park. By the look of it all everything here could have well been in the last four sales at this home. Here I find a metal cage filled with tennis balls, a child’s pencil case with the name Ryan on it, some old metal hanging light fixtures, a pile of baskets, a box of jars and metal tins and a box of hats. On one table are two deflated exercise balls on another two old and dusty crockpots. Some house wares on another table include a mug with an alligator on it, two ceramic pickles and a large ashtray with the name of a cigar maker on it.
I bought nothing.
Drinking vessel for sale in Candler Park.

Old balls contained in a metal case.

Box of old cans and jars.
Leonardo St. Lake Claire “Moving Sale”

This sale is made up mostly of an assortment of boxes containing booked arrayed in the front yard. Most were hard back copies of popular fiction and non fiction among them I found “Impossible Vacation”, “By Way of Deception”, “Citizen Perot”, “A Confederacy of Dunces”, “Being There”, “Blue Highways”, “The Last Camel Died at Noon”, “Vineland”, “Hints From Heloise” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Other stuff in the yard includes some matted photographs of people and scenes from Turkey, some baskets, the pelt of a badger and some sports memorabilia. In a box on the grass were some stemware and a ceramic chicken. Sitting upon a car parked in the driveway were three plush pandas and an old red telephone. Leaning against the automobile was a framed print depicting two hands holding a heart surrounded by butterflies.
I bought nothing.
Art found on Leonardo.

Ceramic fowl among glassware.

Badger pelt upon the grass.
Locust Ave. – Kirkwood “Moving Sale”

This event went by several names. In Craigslist it was listed as an estate sale, signs around Kirkwood announced it as a moving sale, the sign in the front yard said Garage sale. But there was no garage here. There was a fair amount of clutter collected in the driveway and front porch of this older bungalow. Covering a large portion of the yard were four carpets of differing designs. In the driveway on tables and shelves were some large framed art, some candles, some bottles of garden chemicals, an assortment of men’s designer underwear, rolls of gift wrap, unopened boxes of facial tissue, some odd cans of limited edition Coca Cola products, a few board games and some books. Among the books were “Praying Twice”, “The Life Cycle Completed”, “The Gay Guide to San Francisco”, “Simple Vegetarian Pleasures”, “An Invitation to Christian Yoga”, “Small Dog Breads”, “The Mac Bathroom Reader”, “Quest for the Grail”, “Bartending for Dummies”, “Living More with Less”, How I Learned to Snap” and “Our Endangered Values”. In a pile of clothing in the back of the driveway I found some academic regalia. The seller told me one hood was for law the other the ministry. He explained he was only practicing the latter. On the porch was some stereo gear, boxes of cables, a multitude of DC adapters, a sofa and a very old Macintosh.
I bought nothing but later returned with Cindy to by some large sheets of watercolor paper.
Carpets covering the front yard.

Gift wrap for sale.
Oakridge Ave. East Lake “Yard Sale"

The ad for this sale in the AJC and Craigslist announced that the Xmas décor was being sold to pay for assisted living costs
I was stunned by the possible pathos of this event. Were some teary eyed children taking ornaments off their tree to provided three squares a day for their grandma? When I arrived at the sale in the driveway of a faux turn of the century manor house it was apparent that they had not dismantled the tannenbaum but had vacated their Christmas shop. On some tables in the driveway were hundreds of unopened boxes of ornaments and Xmas village pieces. The village pieces included everything from fire hydrants to truncheon toting English Bobbies. A massive selection of glass ornaments hanging on racks in the drive way featured glassine pigs riding Harleys, smiling snowmen, polar bears, teddy bears and bronco busters. In other boxes were varieties of Santa figurines and all manor of Xmas lights. There was a large selection of non-holiday stuff for sale as well. Several boxes contained an assortment of popular fiction by authors such as King, Kellerman and Ludham. A closed plastic bin contained a sign warning that of Playboys lurked within. There were cardboard boxes filled with small plush bears in assorted apparel, old Lps by Johnny Mathis, a bowl of polished stone eggs, several boxes of old bottles, tangled boxes of audio and video cables and assorted kitchen wears. On the pavement was a large crock that said mustard plasters next to it was a large jar containing cotton boughs.
I bought a wireless video transmitter for fifty cents.

Village being sold.

Bobby standing guard in Xmas village.

Massive array of boxed Xmas items.

Old bottles in a box.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday - December 2, 2006

Clifton Rd. - Candler Park "Estate Sale"

It’s a cold Saturday morning and I’ve had a low-grade fever for three days. I drag my self out of bed to go not to a yard sale in front of some frozen fool’s home but to the county geography bowl. I watch my school’s team answer questions about population and rivers then head home to rest. Cindy tells me she’ll run down to the corner store to get me some soup and a sandwich after nearly an hour she then tells me I have got to get dressed to go to this sale a block away. “The old woman died” she says, “The house is full of stuff.”
Disregarding my feverish state I following Cindy’s directive and head to this brick bungalow near the Candler Park Market. Inside I find the usual set up for a professional sale. Several sales people dominating the front rooms. A few cases filled with jewelry and smaller staff. As always I head towards the more remote areas of the household. I cruise through the kitchen noting the piles and buckets of cleaning supplies. The rat bait kept near a percolator, the assorted Xmas décor and faux flowers among small yellow appliances. From the kitchen I proceeded to a rear bedroom where I found more Xmas décor plush animals and a neatly made up antique wooden bed. Upon it was a frame print of Jesus and a photo album containing snapshots and letters from children to their grandmother. On a nearby dresser was a ceramic sleeping pig, next to the dreaming swine was a ceramic book forever open to a verse saying something regarding “so many friends and never being alone.”
Sleeping pig with open verse.

Memories and faith displayed on bed.

Female figure found upon the cuttlery.
From the bedroom I descended into a large partially finished basement. Here in found old tools, disheveled clothing, more Xmas décor and discarded clutter bathed in rays of seemingly mystical winter sunshine. Time appeared to stand still as I walked among the refuse and disorder. Scenes of old writing implements scatted across a filthy cabinet, cleaning supplies crowded together on ramshackle furnishings, broken tools of indeterminate use hanging from wooden walls. In another area were photographs of children with coifed 70’s hairstyles hanging below ductwork next to a fading botanical print. Looking around I saw more scatted holiday décor, Including a large plastic Santa face, a large print of a child washing doll clothes and boxes brimming with Xmas plush animals their reds and greens glowing in the rays of December sunlight passing through filth covered windows. The more time I spent in this subterranean wonderland I began to wonder if my feverish mind was playing tricks on me. After examining an old charred decorative plate that once carried the supposed likeness of a 19th century grandmother for much longer than I should have I decided to go back upstairs.

Images of children and plants on basement wall.

Garden tools in a dim basement.

Plate with burned image of a grandmother.
IIn another bedroom I found more piles of clothing, more plush animals and a print of a child holding a white kitten. In the living room I take notice of an array of praying hands on an end table and a large ceramic woman’s foots wearing a vintage shoe on top of a nearby console television. In the living room on a sofa was a large disorganized pile of family photographs some dating from two centuries ago. As I looked though the faded images Cindy negotiated the price of a large ornate picture frame.
I bought nothing.

Ceramic foot and shoe upon television.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friday 12/1/06

It's Friday afternoon I feel dreadful from this flu or cold or whatever. As I look to the weekend I realize that in addition to feeling this way, it is much to cold to have yard sales and that I need to attend the Geography Bee tomorrow morning. But scanning Craigslist I find the following ad:

"Now that the divorce is final and the ex-wife is gone, it's time to get rid of all of the sh-- she left. I have couches, loveseats, two armoires, end tables with marble tops and SEVEN TUBS of women's clothing, most of them plus-size, in addition to the clothes I have hung on FOURTEEN FEET of clothing racks (she had the racks custom made.) Most of the clothes are nice, I'm told - Liz Clairborne, Eddie Bauer...I don't recognize a lot of the other names. There are some small leather skirts that she apparently held on to thinking she would fit into them again. There are enough clothes here to open my own freakin department store. What's more - there are duplicates! So, if you see a shirt you like, there are probably four more just like it in different colors. Some of this stuff still has tags on it! It's amazing she didn't drive me into bankruptcy while we were together. Clothes are priced at "FILL A BAG FOR $1" except for a few things - leather, a vintage wedding dress (from her first marriage) and a few coats.

I also have full sets of dishes and housewares, various holiday decorations, and tons of "art". If your office does one of those santa swap things and you need something weird, you need to come by my house!

I also have a free box, a 25 cent box, and a 50 cent box."

I'm sorry I will not be there but sometimes the promotion can be better than the actual event.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday 11/18/2006

Harold Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was on the in the yard and on the curb of a nearby street. Among the stuff gathered together was a table filled with promotional plush Chihuahuas put out a few years back by a Taco chain. Below the miniature dogs was a selection of buttons with slogans that included “What Has Reality Done for Me?”, “I am a monster”, “Atlanta is dying slowly”, “Searching for someone who is not threatened by a remarkable woman” and “Stressed out”. On another table was a container of novelty Pimp Daddy body detergent, a silver menorah, a kit for learning to play the piano overnight and a costume derby. On another table was a ceramic dog placed before a computer monitor like some post modern Nipper of the digital era. Strangely it had an antiquated feel since it was a CRT monitor. On some shelves I found the following books - Normal Family Processes”, “Mysteries of the Unexplained”, “Deviant Behavior”, “A Place I’ve Never Been”, “God on a Harley”, ”Lesbian Sex”, “Considering Parenthood”, “Having Your Baby By Donor Insemination” and “Man Woman and Child”.
On the ground I found a body massage box gift set, a Gauguin print and some sporting equipment.
I bought nothing.

A Nipper for the cyber age?

Table filled with promotional plush miniature canines.
Mathews St. – Lake Claire “Estate Sale”

I just happened to stumble across this inside the house sale in my neighborhood. The sale was inside and in the front driveway of a relatively small infill home built within the last ten years. The sale did not appear to be operated by a professional reseller and seamed a little on the disorganized side. In the driveway was a colorful pile of mops, brooms, crutches and long handled garden tools. Near the pile was a box containing camping foodstuffs that included Honey and Lime chicken and a package of spaghetti.
In the first room inside was a room that was either being torn apart of rebuilt. Here I found a pair of Chuck Norris boxing gloves, a set of magnetic musical notes, a bright red gas mask, a pillow that resembled a slice of watermelon, assorted things made from straw and wicker, a bicycle seat, assorted hardware, switch plates and mismatched Xmas décor.
In the living room I found a retro red portable television tuned to Sesame Street next to a several pairs of brass conquistador boots. Scattered about the same room were old electronics, jigsaw puzzles and various candles of different sizes.
Upstairs I found boxes of old mismatched computer gear, some board games, a makeup mirror, camping gear, picture frames, dried flowers and a dirt devil.
Back outside I examined a few boxes of books to discover “Murder on the Menu”, “Gone to Her Death”, “Wicked Uncle”, “False Gods”, “The Courage to Heal”, “To Study a Long Silence”, “The Perfect Murder” and “How Far Will You Go?”.
On the other side of the driveway I found a free pile containing a lampshade, an umbrella, some wicker objects, dirty luggage and an old computer monitor.
I bought nothing.
Chuck Norris approved pugilist apparel.

Retro TV next to footwear of the conquistadors.

Camping edibles found in driveway.

Eclectic pile of free stuff.
Inman Mews – Inman Park “Multi Family Sale”

I was curious to visit yet another sale in a new in-town development. But this one was disappointing in that it feature only three very meager sales in the garages of this row home complex just off Dekalb Ave. As in the sale a few weeks ago the garages were immaculate, no grease stains, no piles of unruly yard tools, simply well organized storage facilities located below Disneyesque homes. There was so little here there is not much to describe aside from some sporting goods, women’s clothing and a few electronic items.
I bought nothing.
Candler Park Dr. –Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This event was also quite meager with a few children’s items lining the walkway to this craftsman bungalow. Far more interesting were child the constructed signs being posted on every utility pole on the street while I was there. One of the better examples is shown here on the left.
Kirkwood St. – Kirkwood “Yard Sales”

Here were two larger sales in adjoining yards. One of the sales had opened the prior week and I had visited it sans camera while biking through the neighborhood. That sale appeared not to be a true empty the house yard sale but a strange collection of assorted clutter from who knows where.
Scattered about and one several tables were all manner of party decorations, a massive pool flotation device, some old furniture, boxes of brightly colored popsicle sticks, boxes of dirty plush animals, board games, garish faux flowers, crutches and hula hoops.

Box with popcycle sticks.

Massive flotation device in Kirkwood yard.

Festive party items on sale.

The yard next store was a bit more organized and it appeared the clutter there was actually housed in the brick Greek revival home that it was in front of. Here I found old mugs, old lamps, a tangle of Xmas lights, a broken Celestine Sibley sculpture, a door mat with the image of a largemouth bass, a wicker duck, a plaque that said “grace” and a portrait of Jesus nestled between two pillows on a modern dinning room chair.
I bought nothing.

Duck and grace.

Chair with icon.

Sportfishing door mat.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Videos from last summer's exhibit

I have finally uploaded the video works from my exhibit at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center onto Youtube.

Promenade - Pictures at a Yard Sale

Oakdale Ave.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday 11/11/06

As I think the season is coming to a close the sales continue. The ground is covered in fallen leaves and the glaring bright fall sun low in the sky makes it challenging to capture the beauty of the clutter on display. But the changing seasons also inspires me to understand the full essence of individual souls seeking to rid their homes of excess.
McLendon Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

I arrived here shortly after nine and the sellers were still in the process of setting up. Something that is even more difficult on a cold morning such as this. In the front yard of this frame bungalow among a sea of fallen leaves I found a walker, some old darkroom accessories, lamps, vases, fireplace tools, a back massage device, a box full of decks of playing cards, two carvings resembling oversized chess pieces and some board games. On one table were two elongated figures of the Virgin, a set of mugs with Teddy bears on them and a hand painted welcome sign. Among the board games were “Win Lose or Draw”, ”Upwords” and “Relativity”. In a box of books were the titles “Hints from Heloise”, “The Women’s Day Book of House Plants”, “Inspiring Messages for Daily Living”, “Lets Cook Microwave”, “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”, “Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Classroom in a book”, “The Little Red Book of Adobe Live Motion”, “Where Miracles Happen”, “Stick A geranium in your hat and be happy”, “Surviving Manic Depression”, “Faith is the Answer” and “Mind Over Back Pain”. With the books was a VHS labeled “Dancin’ Grannies”. In another box I found some Xmas décor and a framed hand drawn portrait of a Christ-like figure. It was signed by Mo.
I bought nothing.
Images found on a cold morning.
Hardendorf Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This small sale was located just down the street from my home. In front of a frame bungalow I found a selection of children’s things that included a large doll size play barn. Also in the yard was a painting of two wineglasses and a pillow. A box of art books held the following titles “Finding ones way with clay”, “Water color made easy”, “The Landscape Painters Manual” and “Joy of Painting with Bob Ross”. The seller’s children were also marketing Krispy Kreme Donuts and hot coffee.
I bought nothing.

Painting found on Hardendorf.
New York Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I want to lovingly call this the crusty and dirty old hippies sale. The seller was a weathered bearded man sitting on a folding chair in front of a collection of crusty and dirty and badly aging junk. Around him were some old tires, a toaster, a large iron pipe, some old calendars, the horn of some farm animal and some sea-shells. Everything was delightful in it’s decrepitness. Other stuff included a gun cleaning kit, a few sculptures made from bent silverware, some old 60’s rock Lps, a filthy VHS tape with a hand written label that said “Made in America” and an old metal folding chair with a peace sign spray painted on the seat. I don’t need the mention that this sale was just a few homes away from the Land Trust.
I bought nothing but rejoiced in the continuing diversity of my neighborhood.

Shells, horn and calendar from some unknown year.

Yuri Geller influenced art.

The clutterof an aging antiestablishmentarian.