Saturday, August 28, 2004

August 28, 2004 Saturday

Oakdale, Candler Park

This sale not far from my home is a multifamily sale a very well organized. The sellers are wearing name tags. (do I really nead to to know that this is Carla’s massager that’s for sale). The sale is fairly large with most of the front yard covered and an adjoining driveway as well. They also have very professionally done signs with a logo for the sale.
Among the items: A PC,going for $140. high for recent prices. Two cans of Coco Lopez for 25 cents as well as a bottle of pina colada mix. Did Carla or one of the sellers stop drinking or did she find out the amount of horrible fat in Coco Lopez? Old wooden water skis. Some very cheap original art $2 unframed, mostly pencil and water colors. Some anti war stickers. A Palm III for $30 but I have no ideal what used Palms are worth. A box of 45’s. One with a copy of The Shangri Las “Remember walking in the Sand” the 45’s reflect the sellers age, about the same as me maybe older. Sold Lps with artist like Ry Cooder. I buy nothing.

Bargainata- Frazer Center-
Church sales and fundraisers do not allow me to see the selleres lives the way yard sales do but I go anyway since you never know what may happen there. Here I am attracted to get to go inside a Druid Hills Mansion that I have never been inside of. The mansion is great. I talk a little about their cause a hospitality house for local hospitals. Thay have mostly a lot of Crate and Barrelly, new looking items with high but good valued prices. I buy nothing. But I am tempted by some one dollar bottles of tangerine flavored salad dressing.

Mega Sale, Decatur

The name intrigues me. How big does it have to be to be mega. Its big but not huge. The sellers is complaining about the horrible people who showed up two hours before he opened.. A lot of this sale has been picked through. Among the items:
VHS tapes with labels saying Seinfeld and Honey West.
Two boexes of LP’s Bowie, Culture Club Dan Fogelburg.
A PeeWee Herman doll.
Book “Women who Love too Much”
A juicer-(it sells while I’m there)
Skis, an aquarium (its been replaced by a nearly water garden) and a pile of pullover shirts with “ThermQuiet” embroidered on.
I buy nothing.

Huron, Decatur- Moving Sale
On the porch of a duplex is a meager collection of items a woman is selling. She shows me a dark green safa and love seat in the living room.
Collected works of Shakespeare, and ceiling fan still in the box, a few pop paperback (Dan Brown, Ken Follett) and a cassette of the Traveling Willburys.

Montgomery St, Decatur.

The seller is moving from this home she is renting, to a home near Belevdere. Not a lot of stuff:
The Kurt Colbain Journals, A Corporate Finance textbook, ski clothing.
I buy a copy of “ Satan’s Little Instruction Book” for 50 cents.

Adair St., Decatur
Two guys one’s and artist and maybe a musician.
A Squire electric guitar that looks very unused, some unopened DVD’s including “Bubba Ho Tep”
A crock pot with a cover( least expected item)
A board game based on The Tick, TV series, a photo enlarger for $25, Two butterfly chairs. For $25. A framed photo of Princess Di for $3. A bowling ball.
I buy nothing.

Mathews St., Lake Claire

Near where this street dead ends up a high drive way a woman sits among a few boxes of children’s clothes and books. She says she still has lots of good stuff left but she doesn’t. She has a strange look about her. There are lot of cat bowls and a set of napkin rings shaped like cats. Maybe she lost her cat.
I touch nothing.

McLendon Ave. Lake Claire

I sometimes hate stopping at sales friends are having because I feel compelled to buy something from them. A woman I know who sort of makes her living reselling things is set up on a neighbors yard. Her prices are not back and I do find some wall paper that would make a perfect backdrop for the TV studio at my school. So I buy a big roll for $5.

End of the day, One book and one roll of wall paper, total $5.50

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