Friday, October 19, 2007

Yard Sale Bloodbath

A few months ago I was delighted to find that other sites akin to Yard Sale Addict have come into being. The most notable and best of these is Yard Sale Bloodbath ( The fun and entertaining Seattle base site is penned by Meghan and Jenny (no surnames given) it features lots of photos, regular updates and interesting commentary. As with this site they have an interest in the bizarre and the unusual and in the anthropological aspects of the seller’s divestments. But they so seem to buy more things than I do. Their site also includes an extensive list of other yard sale and thrift shopping sites. Leave them a note that you heard about them here.


Jenny/Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

We are so flattered to hear you're enjoying the blog. Thanks for the shout-out!

Anonymous said...

I recently read some remarks on your blog about garage sales. I found that when I had mine I got almost a 3x multiplier in visitors when I provided them with transit directions. I used a tool from (upper right corner) that let me embed transit directions to the garage sale. I thought I would share this tip for others to use as well in the future.

VAYANKEE said...

I follow both your YS blog and theirs RELIGIOUSLY.
Recently I saw a place to sign up for their updates, to come to my e-mail address.
Is there a way to do that for your blog?

Jo, In Southside Virginia, who wants to start her own YS blog.

BTW, how do you collect all the info about each item, even titles of books that you see for sale?

Do you write this information down, use a tape recorder, or do you justhave a fantastic memory?

Yard Sale Addict said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm. I used to carry a notepad and jot down info on each sale. Then I realized that with a good camera I could capture whatever I needed to write about. I take about ten times more photos than I publish. I've gotten very good at photographing the spines of books so I do not have to painstakingly write down every title. CDs. Lps and books in disorganized piles are a bit more challenging. I do rely on memory to recall the street locations of the sales.

Yard Sale Addict said...

As for subscribing to the site... I do have an RSS tab/link. I have no idea how it works but it does. If you have a geek friend they can explain it. Let me know when you start your yard sale site.

Anonymous said...

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