Friday, January 11, 2008

A Short Break, a broken camera and another exhibition.

As anyone would imagine there is little yard sale activity during in late December and early January. On Christmas day Cindy and I took off for Hilton Head on the South Carolina coast for a few days to de-holiday. On our sojourn I took lots of glamour beach shots as we wandered around the much too upscale for us resort. I did consider at one point rummaging through the bags piled up in front of the closed for the off-season charity thrift shop. But I refrained not want to end up as a local headline declaring “Artist arrested for photographing goods intended for charity”.

Xmas in Hilton Head where Neptune wears a Santa Hat and matching mop.

Taking advantage of the slow yard sale season I decided to finally get my Olympus SP350 ( that I take most of my yard sale photos with) repaired. It had suffered a broken LCD screen since my trip to Ireland where it shattered after I shot some images in an old cemetery. The cameras still not back yet so I have not done any yard sale stuff in the mean time.

Last Saturday I hung my photography up at Java Monkey on Chruch St. in Decatur. The homey d├ęcor of this local coffee house and bar make a fine setting for the images. The photos will be on display through the end of January.

Coffee drinkers transfixed by yard sale addict images at Java Monkey.

Cindy at the opening of the Java Monkey exhibit.

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