Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays

If yard sales are not happening around me where are they happening? On Boxing Day I perused Craigslist both locally and internationally to see what yard sale were posted or being held on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I found it pathetic in some way that people were posting sales for old clutter on Christmas day instead singing carols, eating too much or getting intoxicated. A few things I found disturbing were the person in snowbound Fargo who posted a garbage can for sale on Christmas Day. Further north an individual in Anchorage posted a room air conditioner on Craigslist something that I really doubt is in demand in our 49th state this time of year. Also in Alaska I found someone selling clothing on Xmas day in of all places Wasilla, but they did not appear to be clothing used in a recent run for vice president.

In Los Angeles one person was getting rid of a very basic looking room divider perhaps with the hope someone needed a very boring last minute gift.

In the Washington DC listings I found a massive brass hookah for sale by a man claiming he was suddenly leaving the US. In addition to the seller also had a large brass camel. Perhaps this was an early visitation of the magi. Locally the most interesting Christmas post was a gentleman selling a new Kirby vacuum with all the accessories. Everyone knows all Kirbys eventually end up on the street.

As In years past I have shown some of the locals yard of Xmas. On McLendon the large effigy of Obama was topped with a Santa hat for the season. I hope the massive display stays up and changes with the season as hearts, shamrocks and bunnies find a way onto the image of our new iconic chief executive.
While wondering the streets of Candler Park the other day I did notice how disturbing those framework holiday figures look when they are not lit up during the day. The reindeer and snow men are eerily reminiscent of circa 1989 non- fully render computer graphics.

I escaped from Tron to wish you a happy holiday.

Nothing says the holiday is over better than a deflated santa lying face down in the pavement.

A Happy New Year to all readers of Yard sale Addict.


John Trosko said...


It's great to find your blog. I love this article on what you found folks were posting Christmas. So amusing and my favorite part was the commentary. It was fun-spirited.

John aka OrganizingLA

Yard Sale Addict said...

I'm impressed that a leading professional organizer is reading my web site. In a strange way it goes with the territory. Now I want to get more organized.

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