Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/14/09 No one has sales on Valentine's Day except…

Yard sales are not romantic. Spending all morning hauling piles of clutter out to the lawn and dealing with annoying early birds does not spell romance in any language regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. As for myself I went out seeking sales while my spouse was still asleep. She had told me to pick up some candles if I found any. Buying candles is somewhat romantic. Here’s what I did find.

Virgil St. - Inman Park “Moving Sale”

This was inside a small home and when the sellers saw my camera they said no pictures. It was not a big loss since there was not much to take pictures of. Among the few things in this sale were a rack of women’s clothing, a treadmill, and a pile of motivational business books. The two women holding the sale did not appear to be having a good Valentine’s Day.

Holtzclaw St. – Reynoldstown “Moving Sale”

The only other sale today was a more lighthearted event where a couple seemed to appear happy to be ridding their home of clutter so they could move. On their porch were selections of candles including one of the largest candles I have ever laid eyes on. The burnable mass of wax was over two feet in diameter and had at least five wicks. If placed on a pedestal it could serve as an end table. There were also three relatively smaller candles for sale. Also on the porch was a large decorative star, some foot wear, a sign that simply said ‘stairs’, a large light up bear figure, two decks of Hello Kitty playing cards, a framed photo of a chef cooking pasta and a bottle of hand soap.
Inside the house laid out on a coffee table was a box of ugly costume gnarly teeth, a meat and game cookbook, a few DVD’s including The Occult History of the third Reich, Chinese Hercules, Freddy vs. Jason and CSA, the mockumentary about the south winning the civil war. Also in the home were several original pieces of artwork for sale and in the bedroom was a king-size bed for sale that looked as thought it had just been slept in.
I attempted to buy the copy of CSA and the three smaller candles. But when I opened my wallet I discovered that Cindy had taken all my cash for a late night trip to the wine store.
I returned later with cash in hand to make my purchase but found that the copy of CSA was taken. Cindy appreciated the candles.

Massive candle, foot shown for measurement purposes.

Art found on V Day in Reynoldstown.