Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday 3/7/09

I hoped that this weekend with the pleasant weather would bring a bounty of yard sales. But sadly I found only four nearby, all within the confines of Virginia Highlands Morningside area. An area that has been disappointing lately. The only fun event here was really not a yard sale but the divestment of a business (albeit a fun business).

Hancock Ave. – Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

This was a small sale in the driveway of a well kept renovated home. There was not a lot here and the contents were dominated mostly by a selection of fancy architectural trim work. There were also some power tools, a rack of clothing and a palette of women’s accessories. I attempted to buy a shirt but the person in charge told me the man selling the shirts was out getting change and she didn’t know the price of the shirts.
Not wanting to wait around staring at wooden hardware I bought nothing and departed.

Rosedale Rd. Virginia Highland “Yard Sale”

I think this may have been some sort of small group fundraiser. But I have no idea what they were raising funds for. There was more here than the last sale but there was not much here of lasting interest. A pile of women’s clothing, some old computer gear, a few board games and jigsaw puzzles, some old Lps, a box of business books and some athletic gear.
I bought nothing.

Amsterdam Ave. – “Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

This sale was equally disappointing. Most of what was in the driveway in front of this small Tudor home consisted a selection of dreadful home décor and holiday items. I heard the seller remark “ I’d have more candles, but my father was a fire chief and he would not let use candles”. But he did allow garish frog figurines, baskets and a plethora of dried flowers. There was also a disassembled chandelier for sale. Perhaps it was not up to fire code.
I spent little time here and bought nothing.

Wildwood Pl. Morningside “Yard Sale”

This was the biggest and most visually interesting sale of the day. But the irony is that most of the unusual clutter strewn across this corner lot was not the contents of a house but the contents of an antique business a spouse of the seller once owned. The collection was remarkable and the display was alluring. Among the items laid out on the grass and pavement were two prosthetic legs, a pair of large mounted sharks (one being a hammerhead), a seemingly bottomless pile of found photographs collected over a lifetime, endless toys and disorderly boxes of LPs and 45s.
Mixed in with the found photos was a large selection of movie memorabilia and a variety of advertising posters and cards. Framed artwork litter the property with prints of babies, bulls, old celebrities, landmarks and military scenes.
I was tempted to spend more time rotting through the paper items but I kept telling my self this is previously discovered stuff and it does not have anything but a business relationship to the seller. Regardless the seller was quite open to my extensive photography of her estate. I bought nothing but appreciated the fine arrangements in this yard..

Pile of found photos.

Toy trucks arrayed in the yard.

Prosthetics in the grass.

Advertisment about a dream of deafness.