Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We took a short road trip to St. Petersburg last week. We spent Saturday driving so we missed the semitropical yard sale activity in the west Florida city. I did catch one sale on Sunday. While there we made a side trip to Tarpon Springs, the sponge capital of the USA. I was happy to see that upscale slick commercialism has not replaced the low-scale homespun commercialism in this tourist Mecca. Not one sign of Sponge Bob.

St. Pete “Yard sale”

We stopped here on Sunday on our way back from visiting the beach at Desoto State Park. In the midst of an official “Florida Certified Yard” we found an interesting collection of clutter mixed in with the foliage. Cindy was drawn to this sale since the signs said “free plant with purchase” Here I found numerous unopened boxes of plastic car wheel covers, unopened boxes containing inflatable children’s pools, a bird house, disorderly boxes of men and women’s clothing, coffee mugs and some old plumbing fixtures. All this was under a jungle like canopy of lush green plants, some of which were for sale. Cindy bought a plant to get a free plant. I bought nothing.

Clutter under a lush canopy.

The long ride home. Empty land and empty billboards.

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