Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday 9/12/09

W. Parkland Dr.- Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

The two women running this sale seemed to be having a very good time ridding their homes of clutter. They had piled a large array of goods at then end of a long driveway leaning up to their house. One of the sellers seem to delight in adding more and more stuff to an ever growing free pile they had created upon the unkempt grass at the curb. In the ever expanding free pile I found a selection of very ugly coffee mugs, stacks of old copies of Nutrition Action magazine, some assorted kitchenwares and jumble of men and women’s clothing. A large orange tabby roamed about the piles and sometimes nestled in the clothing while shoppers rummaged about.
The stuff for sale on tables was priced cheaply and the sellers were happy to see everything go as quickly as possible. They offered a free book with any purchase no matter how small. Among the books being sole and given away were “Sins of the fathers”, “Cold Day in Hell”, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” “Best Puzzles in Logic and Reasoning”, “Deliverance”, “Apache Caress” and a Croatian travel guide. Assorted clutter displayed upon a series of tables included a mold testing kit, a pair of mugs shaped like moose, a game entitled Photo-opoly (Your life, your photos, your game), a portable cassette player shaped like a robot, doll furniture, glitter in assorted shapes and a large assortment of candles some of which were bent and broken. I bought a pack of Eames- House of Cards set for a gift and took a vegetarian cookbook as my free item.

Ugly mugs for free.

Reading matter, free with purchase.

Cat on the free pile.

East Lake Drive – Oakhurst “Community Sale”

I never found out exactly what community this sale held outside a popular watering hole in Oakhurst was for. Here was a jumbled assortment of goods piled up upon a narrow slab of sidewalk outside the bar. There was a lot of kid’s stuff here but some very adult stuff was well thrown in for good measure. In addition there were some large household items. Laid out were two disassembled ceiling fans one still attached to a two by fours looking as though it were ripped from the home. There were also several old decrepit looking sinks and a wood-burning stove. Scattered about were auto parts tools, used cosmetics, framed artwork and Halloween costumes. One item of note was an Obama commemorative plate the first I have seen at a sale. Perhaps this marks the decline of our president’s cult of personality or at least an end to the celebratory sprit of his era. I bought nothing. The adult items are shown below.
(Regarding the president, I was told this week the Everything Obama store in a local mall has closed).

Novelty adult cleaning product.

The makings of a halloween costume?

Casual adult furniture?

Brooks Ave.- Candler Park “Moving Sale”

I stopped at this sale in my neighborhood before returning home. Here a moderate amount of stuff was assembled in the driveway of a smallish bungalow. Like the first sale of the day, a cat was lying upon some sale items when I arrived. Here I found an oversized Asian fan, a salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of a buxom woman, some gag gifts about aging left over from a 40th birthday event, several sets of sheets and bed clothes, a pair of cordless phones a bright red jacket and a sign the said “ask about our big birdcage”.
I bought a set of sheets and the pair of phones for five dollars each.
Someone else bought the birdcage.

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