Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Year ends a new one begins....

I’ve taken a bit of a vacation from this site for good reason. First I deserve a vacation. I’ll been writing this for five years so I should get some time off. But more importantly over the last few weeks we have had holidays and dreadful weather.

The real last sale of the year.

While driving thru Kirkwood in mid December I came upon this sale off of Howard Ave. A huge sign painted on a sheet hung from a pole directed buyers to go all the way to a lot behind some sort of old brick building. Temperatures were in the 30’s and I figured that this truly would be the last sale of the year so Cindy and I proceeded down the dirt driveway and parked near a large peace sign create from Christmas lights that was strung across some bushes.
Around some hedges we found an assortment of old stuff put out for sale. The centerpiece of this event was the seller’s collection of vacuum cleaners. I have no idea why he had so many but he appeared proud of them. He also had a massive six-foot high steel cornered road case that could double for a coffin if someone wanted to be buried vertically. Other stuff included some old furniture, a lamp in the shape of Spiderman’s head, a selection of high-heeled women’s boots, a very obsolete video projector, an aquarium and some exercise equipment. Cindy attempted to by a small table but the seller decided he did not want to sell it so we bought nothing.

Dreadful winter weather began as in mid December so we headed off to Florida. Escaping the cold we spent our time walking the beach and enjoying the climate. We encountered an alligator and it’s hatchlings in Jonathan Dickenson State Park we also saw a bald eagle. I was hoping to see the eagle eat one of the gator babies. But the nature scenes here did not reach the Discovery channel levels. I by chance did encounter a yard sale on a Wednesday afternoon just two days before Christmas. The sale was not noteworthy in the least but it was remarkable to be able to walk to a sale on a weekday afternoon right before a major holiday. I bought nothing but did thank the sellers for having a sale.

The sale before Christmas.

Back in Atlanta the intense cold weather continued and culminated with a brief snowstorm this week. Craigslist did show some crazed folk in the far suburbs, even the more ice covered ones having sales but in my part of town no posters went up and no junk went into the snow covered lawns. But there probably were determined early birds cruising around looking for something being sold.
The closest thing I encountered was these two ancient TV put out on the street and topped with snow in front of a shuttered house on my street.

With this post Yard Sale Addict can now be said to span decades.
Happy New Year to all my readers and lovers of yard sales everywhere.


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Robin said...

OMG. I live in a college town - tons of yard sales almost year round. When I visit them, I call it "going sailing". Get it? Sailing? Sale-ing? :-)

the Frugal Fraulein said...

Just found your site and feel as if I have had my yard sale fix for the day! I am itchy waiting for the weather to clear so yard sales will pop up like spring bulbs.

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