Sunday, December 12, 2004

The holidays are upon us and I have a headache

As the holidays draw closer their effect upon yard sales and my ability to attend the sales is more evident. This morning I awaken late and badly hung over from drinking too much gin at the Inman Park Christmas party. If there are any sales I’ve missed a lot of stuff. Ignoring the tasks that I need to attend to such as finding out why my light up nativity scene in the front yard keeps tripping the fuse and going dark. I blame the problem on the wet weather. Cindy keeps insisting the problem is caused by my use of cheap extension cords. I ignore the whole issue and head for sales and hope for the weather to get better and the electric navity (which also includes Santa a snowman and a penguin) to become illuminated once again.
So foggy headed I get out of bed, into my car and search for whatever sales are around. Driving in this condition is not pleasant. In my quest I encounter traffic far worse than usual and signs for pancake suppers that in my murky headed condition resemble yard sale signs that cause me to turn off on street that have no sales.

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