Sunday, December 19, 2004

It is now the week before Christmas. I am on vacation unprepared for the holiday. Well I am not totally unprepared since we did purchase an oversized tree that was marked down since it had a damaged top. Once in the house this treezilla was totally unwieldy and the only way I could find to keep it from falling over (which it did as soon as the last ornament was hung) was by placing two fifty pound sand bags on its base. I am fortunate to have a friend that has a lot of sand bags since he lives near one of our city’s malfunctioning storm sewers. Regardless I’m off work well rested and oready to head to whatever few sales may be happening this weekend. The sales are quite sparse. The online AJC only had a short column of sales less than 20 total of which only a few were inside the perimeter. I did not go to one estate sale, which was up by Northlake because I feared the holiday crowds around the Mall.

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