Friday, February 18, 2005

32 St. - St. Petersburg “Yard Sale”

We had a few minutes to stop for one sale before heading back to Atlanta. A small collection of stuff was next to a small palm tree in the yard of a small one story home. On the ground was a large selection of baskets, some women’s clothing, and a few children’s books including Seuss’s “Hop n Pop”. On a rack of clothing containing mostly women wear was child’s ladybug costume. At the end of the rack was a blouse with comments such as “Embroidery sucks” printed on it. Cindy perused a bag of bras and tried several on over her tee shirt but found they were too tight. She later told me that at the bottom of the bag was an unopened box of Trojans. On a table were two scanners, an unopened box of lice treatment, and a gigantic beer stein.
We bought nothing

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