Friday, February 18, 2005

Valdosta to St. Peterburg

Leaving the Briarwood we opted for a quick breakfast at a local McDonald’s. This was an unfortunate mistake. Not a frequent visitor to fast food of any ilk I found the Valdosta McDonald’s to be dirty, noisy and totally confused. I made a poor decision to order something that did not sound like a food item and had to wait nearly twenty minutes before being given my Sausage McGriddle. While we were waiting there was a crisis with the French fryer and grease was pouring onto the floor of the kitchen. When this occurred a series of loud beeps, which I suppose was to warn of flooding began and continued for the 20 minutes I waited for my McGriddle. Since this blog is about yard sales and not about inferior food I will not go into details on the McGriddle. Following the McDonald’s fiasco we left Valdosta and were soon across the border into Florida. The billboards along the way were a battle of blue state vs. red state values. The former derided abortion with notices for passing motorist announcing “aren’t you glad your mother didn’t abort you” or asking southbound visitors to drop in at the Bible Factory Outlet. Blue state values were promoted on billboards tempting travelers to visit places such as “Café Risqué”, “We Bare All” and the superstore of debauchery the X mart. Other billboards took no moral stance and offered the usual discounts on Disney while others requested people to thin their stands of pines to combat the dreaded bark beetle. We arrived in St. Pete, had lunch unloaded the art, celebrated my birthday over dinner then retired to prepare for the drive back the next day.

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