Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cumberland Cir. Virginia Highlands "Yard Sale"

Not far from the Catholic estate were two small uneventful sales next to one another. Here I found two old trunks, a large ceramic cat, some women’s clothes, a broken wicker chair, some cheap cameras, baby shoes and another of those unused picnic sets.
I bought nothing.

Cumberland Rd. – Virginia Highlands "Yard Sale"

This sale was in the yard of a brick bungalow it was presided over by a young couple and their child. There I found some women’s clothes, a talking Mr. Wonderful doll, some cheerleading trophies, several shirts from Delta Technologies, a spice rack still containing spices and Cartoon Network party lights. Reading matter included books on Pascal and other old computer languages, some college textbooks, and a copy of "Beginning Your Marriage".
I bought nothing.

McLendon Ave. - Lake Claire "Yard Sale"

This sale was inside the fenced in yard of a small house not far from my home. The sale feature a number of books on spiritual topics including ‘Malcolm Boyd- Gay Priest", several titles by Martin Buber and "Latin for Idiots". Also found there were a pack of "Women of the Old Testament Cards", a Sony cassette deck and VCR.
I bought nothing.

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