Thursday, September 01, 2005

Virginia Ave. – Va. Highlands "Yard Sale"

This was a small sale in the driveway of an apartment building. There I found some Pottery Barn looking white cabinets, a dinette set, a ceramic snowman, a bread maker and some college finance textbooks.
I bought nothing.

Virginia Ave. _ Va. Highlands "Yard Sale"

A little further down Virginia I came across a slightly larger sale in the yard of a brick bungalow. On the ground was a framed and glass covered completed jigsaw puzzle of a violin near it was a painting with the image of a man that seemed to be fading into another dimension. Other clutter there included some kids books, a pile of cheap plastic luggage, two canes, a Donald Trump biography, the Internship Bible, a copy of the game Outburst Junior, a stack of old LBJ bumper stickers and a giant drinking goblet from Northwestern University.
I bought nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I got one of those LBJ-USA stickers for free after they had closed it down and put out a 'Free Stuff' sign. Look for it on my car soon. I would have gone sooner, but I was helping a friend with her estate sale on So.Ponce...