Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/10/2007 Another Cold Morning

I was not expecting much this morning and did not find much. Only two men dared put their belongings on display, as temperatures did not get above 50 degrees.

Benning St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

I found this sale in Craigslist. I was attracted to it since the ad mentioned photo equipment. Outside an older apartment complex the seller, bedecked in a wool hat and warm coat was setting up his sale. Here I found a Kodak slide projector, a digital clock, a cheap Polaroid, several cell phones, two nice camera bags, a coffee mug from the Olympics with a Greek motif and a collection of Princess Diana commemorative stamps and a three ring binder. The seller told me he got the stamp collection from his mother. He told me he used to live in England and had a selection of banners for UK soccer clubs. On a table I found a DVD for martial arts training, nearby were books on living in Costa Rica and a guide to the costal islands of Honduras. I bought a loupe for one dollar.

A mother's collection of Lady Di philately.

4th St. - Midtown “Moving Sale”
This sale was out of the cold and inside an apartment in one of Midtowns traditional quad apartment buildings. Just inside the door were a tire and four chrome wheels stacked neatly next to a peacock feather hanging on the wall. The apartment was crammed full of stuff and it was difficult to tell if the owner had been living this was for some time. On an occasional table was a pleasant arrangement of a keyboard, multi outlets and electrical timers. Near this display was a triple beam scale. The seller told me it belonged to his landlord but that he had found it on the street. He also told me the wheels and tires belonged to his landlord. I don’t know if part of the rental agreement was that the leaseholder keeps tires in his apartment. In what should have been a dining room I found a pile of Jaeggermister ID holders. The seller told me he was giving these out to everyone who bought something. In the same room was a rack of men’s clothes and a few dozen neckties. A case for CDs held copies of “Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits”, Usher’s “Confessions”, “Songs from the Road to Enlightenment”, “Strauss Favorites” and “Kenny G Live”. Also in the apartment were a pair of roller blades and a massaging chair.
I bought nothing.

Free neckwear for buyers.

Auto accessories in a midtown residence.

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