Monday, February 05, 2007

Darthmouth Ave.- “Estate Sale”

This event just across the street was in a more traditional home and was of a much smaller sale. Only three rooms of the house were open and there was much newer and much less stuff on display. There was little clutter to speak of in the two front rooms, just some tradition but newer furniture and china. In the back den, which was a large room I found the bulk of the clutter. A lot of it was a variety of Xmas and Thanksgiving décor. One of the standout items here was a wreath that said “Yorkie Greetings”, it carried the image of a dog and was covered in faux fall foliage. On a table was a selection of house wares, clutter and décor items. Among the stuff was a plush multicolored GOP elephant, a plate with the image of a man surrounded by waiters in a restaurant, some cookware, a few Barbie Dolls, a pillow with the stitched facsimile of a Yorkie, some old 45s and a dish towel saluting the coming of the Millennium. Off the back room was bedroom with a bed, a TV and several large items of home health equipment and a wheel chair.
I bought the Millennium dishtowel.

Wreath with canine theme.

Pillow found among the clutter.

Chair covered in fall decor.

I also stopped by a so-called estate sale at a small business site in Scottdale. This was not an estate sale but simply a deceptive scheme to sell old furnishings under the guise of an estate sale. The sellers seemed suspicious of me and for good reason.

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