Friday, July 13, 2007

Saturday 07-07-07

McLendon Ave. – Candler Park “Moving Sale”

There was nothing lucky about today’s date. The morning began with a trace of rain, but later cleared up. There were not many posters up so I did not expect much. The first sale was a major disappointment. All the goods gathered in front of this large Victorian home appeared to have been taken out of a booth at a flea market or antique store. They still bore price tags from the store on them. Since there was really nothing here that appeared to have been used by the sellers I promptly left in disgust.

Hardee Ave – Edgewood “Yard Sale”

This was a very meager sale with a few items piled up along the driveway of a small brick home. Here I found a clock made from a frying pan, a microwave, some African artwork, a bag labeled Crock Pot racing, women’s clothing and some kitchen items.
I bought nothing.

Chalmette Ave. Morningside “Estate Sale”

There were huge signs for this sale along Briarcliff road. When I arrived I found it was at the home of a sale I had attended a few months ago. In that past event stacks of decrepit goods were piled onto tables made of plywood in the front yard. Today the same decrepit goods were arrayed through the interior of the home. There appeared to be more stuff on display than the previous sale but it was just more of the same. This home appeared to be the sad repository for useless and unneeded items. I have seldom encountered so much stuff that had so little value. In rooms thought out the home were well arranged piles of old car radios, computers that used long forgotten operating systems, filthy stacks of toaster ovens, rows of nondescript glassware and boxes of 12 and 9 volt adapters that would never again be paired with the devices they once powered.
As I wondered through this home, the more I witnessed the less I understood. Why was this stuff here in Morningside? Who were these scraggly looking men who sought to sell these useless goods? Why would anyone think anybody wanted this stuff? Perhaps this sale was not a sale at all but a provocative display depicting the banal evil and waste of planned obsolescence?
I left feeling dirty and disturbed.

Twisted mass of DC adapters.

Useless electronics on display.

Stacks of filthy toaster ovens in basement.

View of extended cluterr in backyard.


Chris said...

I came very close to almost seeing your exhibit at Ruby Green but their hours didn't mesh with my shedule (yes, I even called to get the hours). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be content to look at your clutter art here.

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