Thursday, July 05, 2007

Friday 6/28/07

Fayetteville Rd. – Oakhurst “Moving Sale”

I went out with Cindy in mid morning to check out a Friday sale for the first time this summer. The sale was marked by a large sign made out of moving boxes as well as a crumpled sheet of cardboard that hung over the for sale sign of this frame cottage. The sale was in the back yard. Here we found a moderate amount of jumbled goods. Among them were some items that the seller had made herself. These included a series of mirrors with brightly painted frames and some notebooks with covers made from old Lp sleeves. Piled on tables and on the grass here were manikin parts, several old dial telephones, a ceramic ET figurine, a plaster skull face and several religious prints. On one table was a pair of praying hands next to a Slayer CD. In a cardboard box were about a dozen old thermos bottles. In a box of books I found “Black Coffee Blues”, “War and Peace”, “Start Your Own Business”, “Holy Bible”, “Master Photography”, ”A Feast of Snakes” and “Dr. Spock’s Baby and Childcare”.

I bought nothing but Cindy later went back and bought one of the mirrors and an old dress form. The dress form was still damp from last night’s rainstorm.

Creative sign design.

Selection of antiquated communication devices.

Praying hands and heavy metal.


Jenny/Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

Come on ... did you do some creative photo-styling there? the Slayer CD just happened to be sitting next to the praying hands? If so ... that is awesome.

angela said...

You'll have to post a picture of what your wife makes out of the dress form. Love her artwork.
FYI- the praying hands sold, but not the Slayer CD. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Yardsale Addict totally mischaracterizes the McLendon Ave Sale. It was advertised in the AJC and on Craig's List for 2 weeks prior as an estate sale of 'life long collectors and former antique store owners' -- hence the tags. Totally mobbed on Sat. when I was there -- lots of great stuff and people buying like crazy. He must have come very early prior to opening -- before everything was out.

Yard Sale Addict said...

When I arrived there was little more than the stuff that had been in the antique store. I'm sorry I did not come later to see what personal goods were on display. This site did not intend to disparage the goods that were for sale, but the intent of this site is to explore what people are getting rid of in their lives regardless of how great or mundane those things are. Regadless I hope the sellers had a good sale and as one can tell by the photo there were a good number of buyers there.

Anonymous said...

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