Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back to the yards of Clutter.

Maxwell Ave. – Oakhurst “Moving Sale”

With the chilly temperatures I was happy to find this sale inside the house and not in the storage pod parked on the street. The interesting synchronistic thing about this was that the sale was in the home of the artist who will be exhibiting at Java Monkey following my run there. I immediately recognized his work for last year he had created brouhaha and a sensation for himself when the Atlanta Police department demanded that one his works come down since it carried a text message that was an indictment of police. (It did not help matters that the work was displayed in a gallery that shares space with the police department.) One a less exciting tone the artist and his wife explained to me that they were moving not for fear of the police but to escape the enormous tax burden of home ownership in Decatur.
On display in the living and dinning room of the small brick home was an assortment of children’s playthings. On the sofa were a large plush duck, a Ready To Read Robot, several toys cars and an astronomy play set. Sitting on a chair in the same room was dirty clothes hamper in the shape of Tweety Bird. Hanging from a rack in the living room was a child’s pumpkin costume and what appeared to be a child’s clown outfit. One the floor was a seldom-used looking croquet set and a large camping tent that may not of seen much use either. In the dining room was a mixture of adult and kids things. On the table was a man’s hair trimmer, some old Advantix film, two large candles, some unopened packages of VHS tape, a box that said Monet Memo game, a novelty 8 ball, and a child carrier with a DVD instruction manual. While I was there discussing Decatur taxes a buyer came in who started going on about his excessive taxes in Druid Hills. Later he asked if the seller had any old copper, damaged mag wheels or fishing equipment. He had none. I bought nothing.

Costumes in artist's home.

Duck on the sofa.

Avian shaped clothes hamper.

Euclid Terr.- Candler Park ”Moving Sale”

This was by all definitions truly a man’s sale. But some might see it as a grown boy’s sale. The moving part of the event related to a local martial arts dojo, it appeared only men attend this dojo. Out on the street in front of a craftsman bungalow was an assortment of clutter. On a sofa along the sidewalk was a massive collection of Austin Powers action figures. I did not know that Austin Powers could be configured in so many ways. In addition to these there were a few star wars figures, a plush mouse wearing a karate outfit, some Munster’s figures, and an electronic talking Gollum. All these of course were in their original packaging. In a large cardboard box on the sidewalk was an equally impressive collection of Martial Arts DVDS and videotapes. The bulk of the copies carried Chinese titles but one that caught my eye was “Shaolin Soccer”. I ignored the temptation to purchase it and continued digging thought the debris of this neighborhood Nerdistan. In the center of the yard was perhaps the most notable boy/man folly for some soul was parting with a handmade Star Wars terrarium that featured a glass enclosed collection of faux jungle foliage wrapped around a model Luke Skywalker carrying a Yoda on his back. Such a display could have been used to easily rid a home of women. Other notable objects included a large Kiss poster, a print of dogs playing pool, a full set of the Highlander series on VHS tape, several white martial arts belts, a few items of aquarium décor, an cheap Indian headdress, a few jigsaw puzzles and a book of Irish verse. Some items appeared out of place such as a filthy old toaster and an electric jigsaw. But most out of place was a cardboard box filled with black women’s halter-tops. When I went through this box the seller told me “I don’t even know that many women”
I bought nothing.

A full season of Highlander on VHS!

Beckham vs the Shaolin monks on DVD?

Diorama designed to frighten women away.

Canine hustlers captured on canvas in Candler Park.


Bob from said...

WOW Some bargains there!

frannie said...

hi! I found you when doing a google search for community yard sales in the Atlanta area. I am looking for any kind of large sales that I can participate in. I am in the Stone Mountain/ Snellville area- so I would be particularly interested in any in this area or not too far away. (I'm on 78)

I hope I am not bothering you, but I was wondering if you could send me an email to let me know if you have any sites or anything to find sales such as these.

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

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