Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saturday 2/23/08

Woodland Ave. – Woodland Hills “Yard Sale”

I really was not expecting much yard sale activity on this cold morning. But as I was driving back from Showcase Photo I just happened to notice this sale as I was heading down Cheshire Bridge Rd But this sale in front of an old ranch home. The sale looked like it had been thrown together in a hurry. When I arrived there a number of Latino families were poking about the assembled clutter. In the yard I found an old Peavey mixer, a trunk containing a confederate flag, some clothing and two tables full of countless small figurines. Leaning against the tables were a few original paintings of a woman. It was difficult to tell exactly what types of poses the artist was seeking to paint.
I bought nothing.

Artwork found near Cheshire Bridge Rd.

N Virginia Ave. Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

This sale featured a lot of well-placed colorful children’s items in front of an attractive Tudor home. Leaning against the entryway to the home was a large pink kayak. Among the stuff there I found an oversized Xmas wreath next to a framed poster of Ernest Hemmingway, a weight bench, a child’s rocking horse, a large basket of golf balls, a support for a foot injury and some HVAC hardware. Some clothing was hanging from trees and bushes including a pair of glittery red shoes. One totally enigmatic item was a lump of clay with two straws stuck into it. The seller was asking three dollars for it. I bought nothing.

Red shoes in a bush.

Massive wreath and Hemmingway.

Cryptic object in Virginia Highlands.

Sinclair Ave. Inman Park “Moving Sale”

This sale was posted by an artist on the Atlanta Artslist listserv. When I arrived there the artist a local painter told me he was moving back to Italy. The sale was in the front yard and porch of a rough looking Victorian bungalow. It was difficult to tell where the sale began and the normal disorder of his porch ended. Piled up in the yard were paintings, badminton rackets, rusty chairs, toys and some hardware. In the driveway were several well-splattered drop clothes with art supplies tools and clothing on them. In an old cabinet behind this was a pile of books. Among the books I found “democracy in America” two copies of “A Man in Full”, “Cabernet”, “Modern Painters”, “Fundamentals of Arts Management” and “The World’s Greatest Mysteries”. Things were more confused on the porch itself where artwork was mixed with attempted artwork, things that might be used in artwork and old furniture. Sleeping amid this confusion was a large black and white dog.
I bought nothing.

Porch with art, art stuff and dog.