Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday & Sunday 3/15&16/08

The weather was of control here for the last two weeks. Last Saturday I set out to document sales only to encounter a freakish late Winter snowfall. The following Friday Atlanta was cast into the national news when monstrous tornados ransacked downtown and the nearby Cabbagetown. Neighborhood. Regardless some people in the face of adversity will still have yard sales.

Candler Park Dr. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

It had rained most of the morning but the intrepid seller was arrange a yard full of stuff, some of it soaked with water when I arrived. Among the stuff gathered in the small yard of this frame turn of the century bungalow included office supplies, packages of pipe cleaners, baggies filled with plastic eating utensils, plastic cups, an unopened package of roach bait, a few kitchen knives, pile of women’s clothing a large pelt of an undetermined creature, and a pair of swim fins with party décor dumped on top of them. While storm clouds hovered above threatening the drop more water of the already damp stuff buyers picked through the merchandise. Around the perimeter of the yard were some furniture items including a table, a bureau and a small desk. Among some books there I found “Human Anatomy and Physiology”, “Eat Right for Your Type”, “Space time and Medicine”, a 2001 PDR, “Awaken the Giant Within”, “Conversational Brazilian Portuguese” and “The Lady from Atlantis”
I bought nothing. About one hour after visiting this sale a scary hailstorm hit the neighborhood.
Swim fins at a wet sale.


Vance Ave. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

The weather was far different on Sunday. On my morning bike ride I happened across this attractive sale in the yard of a small home off Virginia Ave.
It appeared the sellers were having a good time with this event and the sunny spring weather boosted the halcyon mood. On the white picket fence in front of the home hung a variety of hats and caps. Greeting me at the gate was a lamp in the shape of a hula dancer with a shade of Hawaiian design. There were a lot of toys here as the seller was a rep for a boutique toy company. On a table on the porch were several new in the box sets of Seuss oriented items including a Horton tea set. Boxes on the property held piles of old blocks and wooden letters. Other stuff scattered about included men’s clothing (none of which fit me) a child’s bicycle, a bread maker, and a wooden stool with hand painted designs on it and some kitchen items.
I bought nothing.

Box of letters.

Polynesian style lighting.

McLendon Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Cindy and I walked to this sale after I returned from my bike ride. Here the driveway was filled with a collection of unwanted items for sale. The sellers must have been anticipating a hungry crowd today as they were vending hot dogs fresh and hot off the grill, a large variety of muffins, and piles of packaged salty snacks. By the looks of it the food was not moving. In the driveway we found a blue motor scooter (the first I’ve encountered since Atlanta's flirtation with cheap Chinese scooters began), piles of clothing, a pair of humidifiers, a selection of women’s shoes, a good amount of toys, including a purple Teletubby, several toy trucks and a large dog cage. On a table I found a bobbing head Michael Vick figure, an Orangutan with rainbow colored hair, a plastic device that made Cajun sounds and some books. Among the books were “Telecom Dictionary”, “The Runaway Jury” and “Four Past Midnight”. Cindy bought two bras from a box filled with bras and we each purchased a hot dog.
Later in the day I saw someone taking the scooter for a test drive in the neighborhood.

Bobbing headed disgraced football star.

Multicolored ape with Cajun sound device.

Box of bras.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, another addict! I found your blog by clicking from another site & since I also am a yardsale addict, decided to come and visit. I'm from Marietta originally, so never got to the intown sales, but boy, my side of town has kept me busy for years. I'm now living in Birmingham & am having a ball all over again. The sales are great here too. Now I look for mostly decor or furniture items, but you sure found lots of bad things in your sales. We have plenty of junk too, but I always find some treasures (to me!). I don't buy near as much as I used to, but I still find enough to keep me going. Can't wait til it starts up full force again this month and next. It's always fun venturing out on a Sat. a.m. If you click over to my site, you can see under Categories all my yardsale adventures, in case you'd like to see what I have found over here.

Fun blog!


Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Did you get the letters? I'm from the northeast and it's not yardsale season yet but I'm gearing up for the rummage season! I like your site, thank for documenting for those of us who are addicted! Tracey

Anonymous said...

I love your site! I'm an addict too. Im in Las Vegas, NV. I find some very boring and reallly interesting items here. I go out every Saturday morning. I thought I was the only one in the world that did this for fun and the thrill of getting a great deal, (rather than money).Thanks for your really fun site! I enjoyed reading it very much!

Anonymous said...

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