Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday 3/1/08

DeKalb Ave. – Inman Park “Craptastic Sale”

I noticed the interesting signs for this event on when I was out on Friday evening. They noted “yard sale for those who are hard to buy for”. I’m difficult to buy for so I made it my first stop on Saturday morning. In the parking lot of a Neon art studio I found a number of tables holding clutter and a lot of stuff collected on the pavement. Piled on a nearby grassy area was a collection of men’s casual clothing and a box of old beer cans. There was a large selection of books here in boxes and upon tables among them was “After Thought”, “Henry Ford and the Jews”, “Practical Mental Magic”, “Small Town Girl”, “Call It Sleep”, “Middlesex”, “The Death of Vishnu”, “The Big Book of Death”, “Eaters of the Dead” and “Don’t Know Much about History”
On one table was a collection of Simpson’s stuff including a Clue Game, a trivia game, several frosted steins, a number of toy characters and an activity set. All the stuff was in it’s original packaging and appeared not to have been opened.
On another table was an old vibrating massager (in its original box) but it appeared to have been used. Nearby were some small bottles of natural creams and lotions.. On another table was a Mister Bill action figure, a playboy flask, a Trivial Pursuits game on DVD and a Financial Advisor 8 ball and ashtray or small bowl that said “tonight” on it. Against the wall of the Neon studio was a selection of old audio and video gear and a vacuum cleaner. Other stuff strewn about included a ceramic ape contemplating a human skull, a pile of deflated inflatable guitars, a plush figure of that Martian character from the Warner Brothers cartoons and a box filled with cheap give-away sunglasses.
I bought nothing.
Clothing and box of beer cans.

Deflated guitar among the clutter.

Antique massager in opened original package.

Ashtray for tonight.

Winter Ave. Oakhurst – “Yard Sale”

I could not find anything else in my neighborhood so I headed across the tracks to two sales in Oakhurst. This first one was a small event with just a few things in the yard. Among the stuff there was about a dozen articles of women’s clothing, two red plastic children’s chairs, a plush ape, a child’s bed and two canvases with original paintings on them. One may have been Haitian the other featured either angels or fairies at play.
I bought nothing.

Art found in Oakhurst.

Mead Ave.- Oakhurst “Yard Sale”

In front of a small frame cottage a couple nonchalantly looked over a moderate collection of clutter. In front of the home I found several pairs of flip flops, some computer programming manuals, two tubes of acrylic paint, a drum machine, a plastic ax that made a groaning sound when you pushed a button on it, a lamp, a chair a several tee shirts.
I bought nothing.

Groaning plastic ax.


Ayush said...

You just cant believe what all you see for sale in these yard sales.
Have been a few months when I have got interested in these sales after I cam across these amazing music collection which I could not find anywhere.

Now it has developed as my hobby where I keep track and visit these sales and read and research about improving and make the most out of the sale.

I realized Garage Sale is a science in itself after reading so much about it.
One amazing set of contents I did find was Garage Sale Tips by Eric Koshinsky.
If you are planning for a sale yourself, will suggest you to go through this.

scott lowden said...

great idea! I came across your site while posting my yard sale. I'll add your blog to my weekly reads!

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