Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Oversized Church Bazaar- Decatur
This website is not about flea market or thrift stores. Not that I have any problem with these institutions of resale. Church and charity bazaars have been featured here but while they provide a barometer of what people are divesting they do not provide the intimacy into the lives of the sellers that yard sales offer. At one of these events one cannot eyeball the actual owner and make some judgment about his or her life, morals and manner of living.
This sale held each year in front of a large church in Decatur is notable simply for its sheer magnitude. It is impressive for it’s vista of clutter when one approaches it. But while quantity is not always quality size can matter plus it provided some great photographic fodder for my camera. My initial impression reminded me of the scene in Gone with the Wind of the wounded confederates. In that noted vision the vantage point raises allowing the viewer to see the extended mass view of the wounded and dying veterans. But here instead of cannonball casualties one sees piles of plush toys, stacks of mattresses, countless tables laden with kitchen wares, a field of lamps an array of books and countless disordered piles of clothing. Thought all this a horde wander individuals stooped over inspecting the multitude objects on display. When I asked a yard saling friend two days later if she had gone to this event. All she said was “It was horrible”. But I did not go home empty handed for I was able to procure a bed I needed for an upcoming installation at Eyedrum. But I must have been confused by the overwhelming nature of the event for I purchased the wrong parts of the bed. My photo documentation is below.

Artwork found amid the expanse of clutter.

A wall of old bedding.

An array of lamps upon the grass.

Old crutches littering the churchyard like some miracle site.

Seated doll awaiting a buyer.

A gaggle of ironing boards.

Shoppers selecting shoes.

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