Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5/31/08 - Walking and biking on a saturday morning

Page Ave – Candler Park “Multi-family Sale”

My disposition and mental state this morning could only be described as groggy at best. I really did not want to leave the house but I knew there were a number of sales very close to home and I presumed it would clear my mind and body if I went out to them. I walked to this first sale, which were actually about six sales on one block a short distance from my home. On Page Ave. I found most of the sales predominantly featured children’s playthings, clothing and accessories. Other stuff thrown in ranged from a canoe to and old Singer sewing machine. Most of the sales were well arranged but my favorite was simply was a mass of plastic and paper sacks filled with a confusing jumble of clothing. Among some books at one of the sales were “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, “Papa Doc”, “Cause Celeb”, “Winning on Wall Street”, “Intranet and Web databases for Dummies” and “Kids on Camera”.
Other stuff found there included a gnocchi maker, an umbrella with an image of a T Rex on it, a plastic Statue of Liberty torch, a clear plastic picture frame filled with fruit shaped candies, an inflatable sumo costume as well as an inflatable costume of a horse with a rider.
I bought nothing then walked home to get my bike.

Piles of clothing filled bags.

Fruity frame.

Glendale Ave.- Candler Park “Yard Sale”

My first stop on two wheels was this small sale just off of McLendon Ave. Here I found a selection of stuff on the grass in the front yard of a frame bungalow. Among the clutter was a framed poster of Godzilla, one of those large exercise balls. a device for playing music to an unborn baby, a small animal cage and the usual assortment of small picture frames, Xmas décor and house wares.
I bought nothing.

Arizona Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

When I arrived I realized I had seen the stuff at this sale three times already this year. They had the same house wares and art but had sold off the stack of stereo gear I had seen just a few weeks ago. I spent little time here and bought nothing.

Connecticut Ave – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”
I pedaled over to this sale only one block distant. Here I found an assortment of stuff placed on the sidewalk (there was really no yard in-front of the home) of a frame bungalow. On a table were six small nearly identical paintings of a tree; on another table was an assortment of mugs, serving pieces, stemware and plates. On the sidewalk were several framed photographs by a local artist of a small town in Florida. Near the street were bins filled with plastic toys and small picture frames and a Curious George Plush toy.
I bought nothing.

Redundant art found in Lake Claire.

McLendon Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I have been to a sale at this house every year for the pat four years and each year see the same breast pump for sale. Actually this home was the site of one of the first sales I photographed for this series. While the sale was not that extensive or interesting the sellers were very nice to me when I came up the step driveway with camera in hand to document and examine their clutter. Among the stuff there was an old lawn mover, a few toys, a box of old purses and six pet bowls. I did not tell them about seeing the breast pump every year. But the sellers can always be counted on to make good signs.
I bought nothing.

View of some stuff I'd seen before.

Lakeshore Dr.

On the way home I rolled into this sale on a shady area in front of a manor home with an extensive yard. Here I found a dresser mirror that had been festooned with countless beer bottle caps by some artistic college student, a brass table top, a canteen a pair of lacrosse rackets, a large Xmas tree stand and some house wares.
I bought nothing.

Clutter on Lakeshore Dr. along with my current mode of yard sale transportation.


Jenny said...

I just do not get the people who bring out the same stuff year after year. Especially something that no one is EVER GOING TO BUY AT THEIR SALE ...

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