Friday, August 01, 2008

7/25/08 Contrasting Estates in Toco Hills

I drove further than usual (nearly six miles)today to go to an estate sale I found advertised in the AJC. The sale was dreadful but I did find a moving sale just a block away that made the trip worthwhile.

LaChona Ct. – Toco Hills “Estate Sale”

Before I rush into harsh criticism I should say that I visited this home on the second day of the sale. I should also restrain myself from being overly critical of sales at in fill McMansions. Regardless there is nothing positive I can say about this sale. The home was nearly empty of clutter, it was far too clean and prices were far too high. I wandered about the two floors that were open to shoppers and could barely find anything photo worthy much less desirable to purchase. All I encountered were a few overpriced items of Judaica, some collectible dolls, and forgettable ceramic pieces in the kitchen. Even the books were boring. ”Flowers by Design”, “Shrinking Your Female Fat Zones”, “Everything You Needed To Know About Menopause”, “Treat Your Own Back” and one book that aptly described the sale - “Who Lives Here?” One of the few things that could even be called a pile was a stack of not so old sports pages from the AJC. They were selling for two dollar each. I really understand why the sellers had placed caution tape around the front yard. It was to keep people from wandering in and becoming bored.
I of course bought nothing.

Sheffield Rd. - Toco Hills “Moving Sale”

This moving sale was more of an estate sale than the prior event and redeemed the bad experience I had there. Aside from a few things out in the driveway most of the stuff was in the garage and basement of this ranch style home. In contrast to the barren cleanliness of the McMansion this sale had ample amounts of confused and bemusing clutter.

I was delighted to see that the contents of a well used workshop were barely sorted and open for perusing and examination. Here I found three old grinders with large dirty electric motors, a tangled assortment of cables, plastic bins overflowing with disassembled electrical components and mugs crammed with pens pencils and small screwdrivers. On one wall as an endless assortment of old jars filled with and endless assortment of unclassifiable hardware. Workshops like this are like visiting the tombs of long forgotten projects.

In an adjacent room I found things better arranged. On a wall hung a clock in the shape of a penguin and an old print of a cruise ship docked at some remote south sea island. On tables were a multitude of board games –Domino Rally, Off to the Tower, The Original Memory, The Match Game, Password, Funnybones, a very new looking Ren & Stimpy Log Cereal Game.
Books abounded in some boxes on the floor. One box was filled with flower arranging texts including “How to Arrange Dried Florals if You think You Can’t” Another box contained mostly volumes on diet and health here I found “The Thought Dial Way to a Healthy and Successful Life” Nearby in another box of similar titles was a boxed set of “Richard Simmons Deal- A- Meal “ program. Some other books included “The Family Bed”, Bette Midler’s “View From Abroad” and “Growing Up Catholic”
Other stuff scattered about included a prosthetic lower leg leaning against a rusty pipe in a closet packed with old Xmas d├ęcor, some old telephones, a pair of massive old VCRs, two plastic laundry baskets stuffed with coat hangers, bins old kitchen wares, a bowling ball in a leatherette case, six-packs of commemorative Coke bottles, a pair of wooden shoes and a life-size yellow ceramic cat unraveling in a ball of twine.

On the way out I noticed a blackboard with some cryptic symbols drawn on it and a Thighmaster sitting on top of a wall.
I bought a box of old maps to use for my installation at Eyedrum in October.

A well decorated wall in the basement.

leg found in a closet.

Blackboard with cryptic symbols.