Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday 7/19/08

Page Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

I’m recovering from a spill on my bicycle today so I wasn’t in an intense yard sale mood so I kept fairly close to home. This first sale was just two blocks from home but was overall disappointing. In the yard of a nice brick bungalow I found three women watching over as assemblage of clothing, pet stuff and kitchenwares. While I was there shoppers kept asking how some small discs labeled Bark Busters worked the sellers said you throw them at the barking dog and they stop barking. I don’t know if the bark busters worked but they were selling a Robin Hood costume for a canine. Other stuff there included an opened box of tea bags, two Frisbees a corset and a pair of rubber high-heeled boots.
I bought nothing.

McLendon Ave. _ Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This was a small nondescript sale and the entire time I was there the seller was involved in an intense phone conversation with someone. Among the stuff there was a set of steak knives, a model of a ’57 Chevy, a plastic snowman, an empty guitar case, a few small dolls, a light up sign that said ‘lounge’ and a very old bicycle.
I bought nothing and the seller never got off the phone.

Warren Ave. “Oakhurst” “Yard Sale”

I could tell the seller at this location delighted and took pride in having a sale. The large signage was mixed with leftover (or early) Halloween signage. Among the well arranged clutter in her yard were three lawn mowers, three boxes of VHS movies, two piles of plush, a rack of brightly colored clothing and an assortment of consumer electronics placed upon a stand supported by Corinthian columns. A few things such as the overly cute hugging teddy bears placed on a child’s chair went beyond my normally limitless taste. The seller took some delight in showing me how well she had arranged some jewelry on the burglar bars of a window of her home. She told me that I was the first to notice her use of the Greek columns on the electronics table.
Upon examining the multitude of VHS tapes (which are now the 8-track of the millennium generation) I found she had multiple copies of Major Payne a film that few would ever want a single copy of. I bought nothing but thanked her for her great presentation.

Much too cute display.

Assortment of colorful clothing.

Great use of neo-classical design.

Vickers Dr. – Heaton Park “Fountain Sale”

This sale was hard to find and was as advertised a fountain sale. In the nearly hidden driveway of this tree shrouded street I found a man selling a collection of pond and fountain accessories. In addition to various water projecting devices such as a waterfall made of wooden buckets he was also selling lifelike ceramic replicas of dogs. I asked no questions and bought nothing.