Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking again…10/11/08

With the Candler Park Festival happening this weekend there were a lot of sales close enough to visit on foot.

Arizona Ave.- Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Here I found two sales in adjacent homes. In front of one home was a sizable collection of garden tools, household fixtures, old baskets, lamps without shades, antique looking dolls, toys and house wares. Three inexplicable items included a sliced section of a log, a banner of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a box full of light up plastic American flags.
The house next door had a lot less stuff with just two sparse tables sitting out on the curb. But in the collection here were two zydeco rub boards neatly arranged on the walkway and a framed photograph of a deer crossing a river.

I bought nothing.

Zydeco rub boards flanking the walkway.

Connecticut Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Two friends of mine who recently adopted a baby put on this sale. One of them is travels the world as a public health official and has brought back a treasure trove of exotic paraphernalia from his travels. A lot of this was on sale today undoubtedly since children should not be chewing on splintery Congolese carvings. They also were like other couples with babies as they were selling off the initial baby items they acquired. So the sale was a delightful and disturbing blend of exotic and domestic clutter. Among the stuff gathered for divestment was a pair of tabla drums, a menorah carved from a Cyprus knee, a wooden carving of a lion that appeared to have no front legs, a variety of primitive musical instruments and a tiny Central American sculpture of a woman giving birth. The baby stuff was the usual new born to six months stuff that does not need to be described. But more domestic exotic clutter included a drinking vessel in the shape of the Westin Hotel, an ashtray shaped like a Ubangi women’s head and a painting of the cartoon French Skunk Pee Pee le Pew. I do not know if that last item was purchased in Paris.
I bought nothing.

Jungle drums and cypress knee Menorah.

Central American woman giving birth.

New York Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I had visited this sale last Sunday and it looked no different today except that it appeared abandoned. No one was in sight when I arrived and no one came out the entire time I was there. There was not a lot to this sale so maybe the sellers just didn’t care. The sale was in a booth in the back yard among the stuff there were some toys, garden tools and clothing. There was a cat sitting on some sale stuff, perhaps the feline was trained to watch the merchandise.
I bought nothing since there was no one around to buy anything from.

Ferguson Ave. Candler Park – “Yard Sale”

This was another small sale. With furniture, Xmas décor and some kitchen stuff. Among the notable items here was a chair almost totally covered in silver duct tape and a framed, spooky and dark portrait of a woman.
I bought nothing.

Face found on Ferguson.

Glendale Ave. Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale was very small; here two young women presided over a meager collection of stuff on a table and on the sidewalk. In a box here was a copy of the Dummies Guide to Bartending a six beer glasses.
I bought nothing.

Hardendorf Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This was a large sale just down the street from my home. My neighbors here have always had a talent for creating good yard art and today that talent spilled over into their display of stuff for sale. On the sidewalk they had unruly and jumbled collection of Xmas and Halloween décor. The clutter was mixed with their edgy Halloween décor that features a large six-foot mummy and a torso with a bloody head mounted on their fence. Their zesty mixture of the gruesome depravity of Halloween with bones and plastic chainsaws fused with tangled colored lights, faux poinsettias and the flotsam of abandoned miniature holiday villages holiday villages was nothing less than outstanding. I am so delighted to have neighbors with such flair.
I bought nothing.

Decrepit head welcoming shoppers.

Mixing the holidays on Hardendorf.

Dekalb Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

When I returned home Cindy told me a local artist had been calling me to please go check out this sale because they had piñatas in the shape of male genitalia. So I got in the car and drove over to find a sale in the same site I had visit three weeks ago with the aforementioned piñatas as well as some of the same stuff I had seen three weeks ago. The sellers were delighted to pose with their paper mache creations as indicated in the following photos. I never did ask why they had these creations that were being sold. They were placed next to some very homey and domestic looking crochet work.
I bought nothing.