Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday 10/18/08

Oxford Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I should have ventured further this weekend since I needed something for a Halloween costume but I stayed close to home and visited only two nearby sales. This sale in the yard of a large old home near DeKalb Ave. was a grungy delight. In the yard was a mixture of old motorcycles, cycle parts, uninstalled home fixtures, clothing and home décor. Dominating the scene were two motorcycles in questionable condition one with the low selling price of $120.00. The debris of abandoned home projects included a laundry sink, heaters, cabinets, glass and Plexiglas, light fixtures and unassembled plumbing items. Home furnishings featured a lamp with the KISS logo and flames, a large white bed frame that did not match the Kiss lamp, some sheets from the Luv-Motel, the usual assortment of small picture frames, a large print of a human eye and a framed Joy Division poster. To complement the motorcycles clothing included a large box of leather boots as well as some stylish purses, a collection of sunglasses, men’s shirts and pair of well-worn pith helmets. Other stuff included six different guitar effects pedals, a few home audio components, a throw pillow shaped like a rat, two silver skulls and a book on planning weddings on a budget.
I bought nothing.

A pair of silver skulls among the debris.

Joy Division poster with matching boots.

Dixie Ave. - Inman Park “Yard Sale”

This was a larger sale put on by several women in front of an apartment building. The presentation was well-arranged and featured a lot women’s clothing. While I examine the material on display a frisky tabby cat wandered about the clutter sometime jumping into boxes other times sitting of clothing. I attempted to photograph the feline but he keep moving away from me. Among the things the cat passed by were a pair of slippers shaped liked dogs, a squat effigy of the Eiffel Tower and a container of pubic hair dye. One place the cat did not go was a box filled with old golf balls, I presume he found these toouncomfortable to lounge upon. Other stuff scattered about the yard included old lamps, a variety of house wares and some tools kits that looked as though they had never been used.
I bought nothing and still have no costume.

Dog faced slippers. I guess I should have bought them for Halloween.