Monday, October 13, 2008

The Wonders of Druid Hills Redux - 9/27/08

Druid Hills Community Yard Sale Day

Druid Hills the upscale neighborhood just to my north seems in some ways a far cry from Candler Park and Lake Claire to the south. There one finds Italinate mansions instead of craftsman bungalows, Emory doctors instead of drum beating old bohemians, and far more cosmetic surgery than tattoos. So once again I wondered tree lined avenues with names like Oxford and Lullwater to examined the divested clutter of this exclusive enclave. Here even the lemonade stands are a more distinguished and a plentiful supply of large plastic playthings indicates that the upper classes are repopulating their kind and spoiling their offspring.

The participants in the sales were interesting in their own right at one sale a neighborhood teen purchased an epee, fencing mask and jacket. Then he proceeded to chase another teen with sword in hand from sale to sale. The Other teen in turn purchased a pair of nunchucks and the two then began sparing among the assembled clutter. The hoi poloi from less fortunate sections of Atlanta appeared to be having a pleasant time overfilling their pickups and SUVs with upper class castoffs. Several sales that ended in the early PM just moved their contents to the curb with shoppers digging through the clutter. But not everything met this fate for I did see some of the same items from last year such as a large floral painting that was placed in the exact location of the prior sale. Some of the highlights are depicted in the photos below.

Upscale refreshment stand.

Vehicle laden with a bounty of goods.

Shoppers scavenging discarded clutter.

A pair of Furbies, one of the ugliest and most annoying toys ever created.

Reading matter of the country club set.

Local canine assisting with sale.

A defining image of the Druid Hills community yard sale day.


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