Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday 11/8/08

Howard Ave. – Lake Claire – “Yard Sale”

This was not a good morning. There was not much happening, it was cold and the glaring sunlight made for lousy photography. Plus I could not find anything really interesting at the sales I visited. This sale was located on the driveway of a modern home built in the past year of so. In fill homes seldom have great sales and this was no exception. Here I found exercise equipment, baskets, luggage, a bike, some audio components, a big framed poster for a popular brand of wine, kitchen stuff and a few boxes of books. Among the books were “Healing Though the Dark Emotions”, “Flawless”, “Journey Through Heartsongs”, “The Way the Crow Flies” and “How to Behave So Your Children Will Too”.
I bought nothing.

Lakeshore Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was down a steep driveway on the back deck of a large home overlooking a park. The view was wonderful but the contents were boring. It was almost entirely made up of children’s apparel. I did appreciate the placement of a guitar in a basinet.
I bought nothing.

Oakdale Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

The harsh sunlight was really bad here. Plus what they were selling was not that good either. I couldn’t fully understand this sale some of the stuff appeared to belong to an older woman but two younger guys who did not appear to be her sons operated the sale. Among the stuff piled on tarps and tables in the front yard were jigsaw puzzles, old computer parts, old screens and windows, disassembled light fixtures, a box of 70’s rock LPs, an old framed Sunbeam bread ad and dressmaking patterns. On the porch was a huge selection of tedious Hollywood movies on VHS tape.
I bought nothing.

McLendon Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”
I had been to several yard sales at this address in the past few years and some of the stuff here was seen and documented previously. There was some new stuff such as the propane gas cylinders, rat traps (the sticky kind) and bingo markers. Among some books I found th two copies each of “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” The seller told me he got one pair from a former employer and the second from a new employer. Perhaps the distribution of such books is the reason that this country is in its current economic malaise. I found a weed whacker here something I actually needed since my old one burned out. When the seller demonstrated it for me he almost cut off his toes. With this demonstration of power I purchased the weed wacker for five dollars along with a pair of shorts.

Redundant business books .

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