Friday, November 07, 2008

Some belated Halloween images and more...

I have to admit with the change in weather, going out of town, Halloween and the election I’ve somehow avoided yard sales for a while. So I’ve posted some images from the Little Five Points Halloween parade and some local yard décor. No sales just yards.

Mexican wrestling masks were a big thing this year.

Someone told me this fellow looks this way most of the time.

They held workshops in the neighborhood on creating these massive skeleton puppets, there seemed to be dozens of them.

Sometimes a costume doesn't have to make sense.

One of the best yard displays was on a nearby street in Decatur. Here a horde of dead pirates ruled the landscape. Some finer details included fake crows in a tree, a bar room of the dead and a smoking cannon.

Two ghost pirates in a sinking rowboat.


Political displays were mixed with the holiday theme in my neighborhood. Here's an Obama symbol carved into a pumpkin. It looked better lit up at night.

A Massive Obama sign erected on McLendon Ave. Halloween decor can be seen in the background.


Anonymous said...

those obama things are perfect halloween decorations, scary enough as it is.

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