Monday, November 15, 2004

Nov. 13, 2004

This was not a good weekend for yard sales. There were a few around but I had to overcome my addiction just was not go. I was Drastically behind on some personal projects in the wake of an ongoing Macintosh disaster, that has left four hard drives dead. In addition I had a house guest and had already spending far too many waking hours trying to decipher how to correctly operate my newly purchased DVD recorder. I only made it to two sales and to a special flea market.

Terrace Dr. Candler Park

This was a beautiful setting with an array of old junk on a vista overlooking the park. Piles of no longer needed clutter nestled among fallen leaves in shades of brown and gold.
Sadly I have lost my notes on this sale and all I recall is a large rag doll nestled next to an old stump. But from my photos I was able identify several boxes of old shoes a red leather jacket and a tee shirt from the Harvard School of Business.

I bought nothing

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park

This was a fairly large sale with a good number of inexplicable items. One of the largest single as well as inexplicable items was a big mirror with a gay 90’s scene of a bicycle built for two etched into the glass. Some other turn of the century styled pieces included a pair of plaques showing a quaint looking Ma and Paw weighting themselves on a scale as well as a sign in the shape of a pointing finger with the words Bath 25cents below the finger. More modern merchandise included a gigantic shop vac and three computer monitor for $10 each. There was a selection of clothing including a “blonde’s t shirt” that had directions indicating where the arms and head go. A large selection of books included the titles “ How to clean practically anything” “ Going the other way” by Billy Bean “The Good Marriage” and “ How I laughed my way through menopause”. A stack of Lps included the omnipresent “Frampton Comes Alive” as well as the soundtrack to A Chorus Line. A box of old travel books included several on Italy such as 1998’s “Eating out in Italy”. Another box of books contained mostly 80’s sci fi and fantasy novels. Other media included a set of 11 Anthony Robbins life improvement cassettes. Also at the sale was a set of golf clubs and a mildewed pair of Eddie Bauer boots. By far the most impressive item was a 1965 white Cadillac Deville with Texas plates parked in front of the home.
I bought nothing

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