Sunday, November 21, 2004

November 20, 2004

I awoke this Saturday quite tired and not expecting many sales and I didn’t find many. At ten I was supposed to help a friend move, so I did not have much time to look. After driving from Candler Park to Emory to Decatur and back I located only a single sale.

Elmira Ave.- Candler Park

The signs were very inviting with the words “Yard sale cheap and free stuff”. This sale behind a home was not very big but it was the only thing happening today. The free stuff consisted of a box of old Runners World magazines and a box of small votive candles. The main theme of this sale was Nsync, they had Nsync Cds, Nsync videos, Nsync magazines and best of all Nsync bobble head dolls still in the original packaging. Indicating a time prior to the seller’s or seller’s offspring involvement with Nsync there were also a few New Kids on the Block Cds. Other items included a Ouija board and one of those fortune telling 8 Ball. I asked it if I would find something to buy here. It answered “Not very likely” There was also a large piece of foam bedding.
I bought nothing.

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