Monday, November 15, 2004

Nov. 13, 2004

Fundraising Flea Market for the Family of Todd Butler
Jake’s Toad House- Outer Decatur

I stopped by this flea market held in honor of one of the great lovers of clutter Todd Butler. Nearly all the items were donated by his friends, who are also lovers of clutter. So I’m sure they had a hard time parting with a lot of the things there. The merchandise was almost neatly arrayed in the parking lot. Several live bands played while people shifted through the stuff. It was also nice to be able to nurse a cold PBR while shopping.
There was almost too much to name but some of the noteworthy things included:
A decopauged autographed print of Marie Osmond
The Sip N Sing karoke mug- a tankard with a built in microphone and speaker.
A Nunzilla figure
A demented looking snowman cookie jar whose face resembled the restraining mask Hannibal Lecter wears.
A bingo money jar.
Old copies of Arizona Highways from the 1950’s
Attack of the 50 foot woman on VHS
A Harmony Bowl- a relaxing indoor desktop fountain.
The Elvisopoly Game

I buy a commemorative plate of the Edaville Railway and a book “Sex American Style”

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