Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Walking in Candler Park - 6/16/07

This morning I went out with Cindy on foot to see what we could encounter between our house and a sale in Little Five Points. Without the aid of a car we able to visit five sales in a little over two hours.

Page Ave. “Yard Sale”

A large impressive sign on a utility pole next to Fellini’s Pizza led us to the first sale of our walk. In the yard next to the sale was a large faded sign that announced cryptically “try health credits” anther sign next to it had most of it’s message washed out except for the words ‘watch for sharks”. The neighboring sale was not as mysterious as the nearby signs. Here we found some framed vintage Coke ads and some antique map replicas leaning against a storage POD. In the front lawn were several boxes of toys and xmas decorations, a tire for a small car, several relief maps and a few tote bags. On a table were a catcher’s mitt, more old Coke memorabilia and two pocket calculators.
We bought nothing.

Box of Xmas Decor.

Tire found in front yard.

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park “Sale Yard”

As we proceeded towards Little 5 Points we came upon a simple but wonderful sign at the corner of Oakdale and North the said “Sale Yard”. As we headed to the sale I was disappointed to find that this error was limited to that one sign and that all the others used proper syntax. The sale was a small affair in front of a frame craftsman bungalow. Dominating the few items for were two oversized control panels. The seller told me he purchased these at a local antique shop and was told they controlled the HVAC at some now demolished civic arena. He did not state what he had used the panels for or what anyone could use them for. In addition to the oversized control boards he was selling a few items of retro furniture, some vases and a push lawn mower. Among a small selection of books for sale were “What Your 5th Grader Needs to Know”, “Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child” and “When Heaven and Earth Changed Places”.
We bought nothing.

One of two massive control panels sitting upon the grass.

Candler St. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

A very colorful sign on McLendon led us to this sale. Here we found a delightful selection of disorganized goods scattered on front porch of an old frame bungalow with a wild and busy front garden. Among the random arrangement was a pair of rollerblades, a bread maker, packages of stick-on letters, a George Foreman grill, a pressure cooker, a tackle box filled with colorful lures, some women’s clothing and old darkroom equipment.
We bought nothing.

Porch crowded with clutter.

Assorted angling equipment on display.

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