Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More sales on bicycle

The heat wave is over but I decided to continue trying to see if I can take in enough yards sales without using my car. So I get on my nearly 20 year old KHS and head towards whatever sales may await. My bike does have small rack on the back so I can carry my camera safely and even room for one of two items if for some strange reason I do decide to buy something.

Page Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

My first stop is at a small sale just a few blocks from my home. Upon arriving a woman there sees me with the camera and reminds me that I took her picture at a sale on Oakdale Ave. “I was the one with the ice skates.” she tells me. Then a buyer arrives upon hearing about my pursuit of documenting sales tells me she has my web site book marked on her computer at work. I am delighted to know that this site is now a diversion to office work. Anyway there was not a lot at this sale in the front yard off an attractive brick home. Among the stuff were some kitchen utensils, a pair of nutrition bars, a flex ball workout tape on VHS, a small plastic novelty container labeled Toxic Waste, a cake decorating set, a large candle holder, some black and white china and a wicker basket filled with golf balls.
I bought nothing.

Flora Ave. Edgewood “Moving Sale”

This sale was in the front yard and inside of a large unrestored Victorian bungalow. This type of home is getting harder to find as all gentrification spreads further south in Atlanta. Like the old home the goods assembled in front of it were old and disheveled, slightly dusty and showing their age. The seller who may have been just a little older than me also appeared like his goods a relic of another era. In a box of books I found titles such as “Communist Manifesto”, “Chess in a Nutshell”, “Unsafe at Any Speed” and “Return of the King”. In the driveway was a partially disassembled recumbent bike. A box labeled 10 cents held dried flowers and metal objects of unknown use. Piled next to some overgrown bushes were a few motion detector lights that were never installed and an old push mover with a back support hanging from its handles.
On the stoop of the stairs was a box of home made chunks of organic baking chocolate with a sign that said they came from his farm in Ecuador. Other stuff scattered about on some tables included pine cones, old cookie tins, old cassette tapes, rolls of shelf paper and an American flag in it’s original packaging.
I bought nothing

Home made chocolatefrom a far away place.

Sisson Ave. - Kirkwood “Yard Sales”

From Flora I peddled out to Kirkwood where I found four sales clustered on one block of Sisson Ave. What appeared to be the dominant or anchor sale was a moderate selection of goods spilling all over the yard and driveway of a frame one-story house. Here I found a selection of large artworks depicting stylized trumpet players, bodies in front of wine glasses and a butterfly. Other framed items included prints of old Parisian scenes and copies of Botero works. A box marked free contained nothing but an old candleholder and about a dozen plastic CD covers. A table with a sign saying everything’s $1.00, held indeterminate things made of bamboo, a faux grape vine made into a wreath and more candle holders. Some books found there included “2 in 1 Instant Cholesterol and Fat Control System”, “The New Fit or Fat”, “The Hungry Ocean”, “Four Blonds”, “The Ultimate New York Body Plan’, “Sealed with a Kiss” and “The Greatest Generation”.
The other nearby sales was much smaller the one across the street had some old bicycle parts and tires (nothing that I needed) a Louis Sullivan biography and some toys. Another sale featured a large collection of gospel lps, a gasmask, some VHS tapes of popular movies from the 80’s and a selection of women’s shoes. Another sale had a selection of horror movies on DVD and a set of old Chevy hubcaps.
I bought a guanabera shirt for one dollar.

Art found in Kirkwood.

Gasmask on the grass.

E. Lake Dr. Oakhurst “Yard Sale”

Here was a classic sale, as a man looked the following stuff for sale - baby goods, old clothing and his two prized possessions - a motorcycle and a totally restored 1966 Mustang. In addition there was a meat grinder, a cream pitcher from the Knoxville world’s fair, some clothing, a few items of furniture and a crab trap.
I bought nothing.

Some things a man must part with.

Melrose Ave. Decatur “Moving Sale”
On my way home I was almost run off Dekalb Ave. (which is a terrible street to bike on) by a Salvation Army truck. A few minutes later when I pulled up to this sale the truck was there and its driver was loading up the remnants of this sale into his truck.
The stuff was moving fast. I found on the curb an old computer with its casing removed. In the yard some tools and a stereo awaited removal by the truck driver. Among a few remaining books I found “Behold a Pale Horse”, “The Complete Handbook of Magnetic Recording”, “The Artist’s Way” and “Peace Child”.
I bought nothing.


Fritz said...

Fascinating stuff. I totally ran across your blog by random accident while searching for something else, but I'm mesmerized by your accounts of perusing through Other People's Stuff.

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Jon Jacob said...

Just wanted to let you know about the website I run called thriftmapper.com. Just added Atlanta and already its a hit. As of late Friday there are over 130 sales listed. All the sales are on maps, and the sales are organized by date, area, and even type of sale.

You might find it useful. If you do, I would appreciate a mention on your blog.

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