Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday 9/9/2007

Hardendorf Ave. _ Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I wandered from my house down the street still groggy from Saturday’s opening, on Sunday morning to check out this sale. In the yard of this brick bungalow two TV’s and a CRT monitor that attracted no buyers greeted me. Across from the soon to be obsolete cathode emitting devices were two miniature motorcycles that could only be classified as a pair of death wishes. Among some books I found “Contextual Design”, “You Can’t get there from Here”, “Great Web Architecture”. “Kung Fu High School”, “Hodges Insurance Handbook” and “American Gods”.
Other stuff set out in the yard included a hair dryer, a nose hair clipper in the shape of a finger, a bottle of olive oil.
I bought nothing.
A pair of highway hazards on Hardendorf.

Mansfield Ave. Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Later in the day while I was out on my bicycle I came across this sale near Little Five Points. As soon as I got off my bike I noticed that I had encountered the row of Styrofoam manikin heads modeling handmade headbands at a sale on Mclendon Ave. earlier in the year. When I told the seller who was sitting up on the porch that I had photographed her heads before she told me she had a laptop opened and wanted to see the picture. So for the third anniversary of this site I had the distinction on someone at a sale looking at this site while I was at the sale.
Other than the headbands most of the stuff here was not reported at the earlier sale. Today I found a multitude of small paintings of dogs, an espresso maker, a lot of women’s shoes and clothes and some bumper stickers that said “If you ain’t the lead dog the scenery never changes”.
I bought nothing.
A yard sale seller views "Yard Sale Addict" while being visited by a yard sale addict.

Canine art for sale.

Shoes found on Mansfield Ave. on a Sunday morning.

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