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Saturday 8/25/07

Oakdale Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This small sale was marked by a very distinctive sign on the corner of McLendon and Oakdale created with balloons and a tiki touch. But there was not a lot of stuff here at this dead end strip where half a dozen new homes were built a few years back. Among the items gathered along the driveway were a lava lamp, two yard sprinklers (seldom used now due to watering restrictions), a crock-pot, a set of candy shaped party lights and some clothing. Among some books were “Washington D.C. The Complete Guide”, “Lonely Planet Chile & Easter Island”, “Hamlet”, ”The Second Shift” “The Complete Books of Running” and “The Path to Love”.
I bought a copy of a book of photographs of items submitted to Ripley’s Believe or Not for one dollar.
Well arrayed clutter on Oakdale Ave.(That's me in the mirror)

Oxford Rd.- Druid Hills “Fund Raising Yard Sale”

This was a fundraiser sale for a breast cancer walk and so the items here came from many different sources and did not represent the lives of those who lived in the stately manor house whose yard the goods were displayed in. Here I found a table full of oversized plush animals, a large selection of toys, a multitude of candles, a Native American nativity set and a platter with the letters SKO on it.
I bought nothing.

Plate with initials.

Carol Ln. – Morningside(?) – “Yard Sale”

Carol lane is a street off of Briarcliff near Sage Hill shopping center, I am never sure if this neighborhood is technically Morningside of some other neighborhood. Here in the driveway and carport of a ranch house from the 1950’s I found a moderate collection of clutter being perused by a group of Latino men. While they selected a variety of house wares the seller attempted to speak with them in broken Spanish trying to tell them to please buy some of the cheap plush toys for their children. Among the stuff here was a box of individually wrapper faux fruit, some large Xmas banners, a box of blank certificate of achievement awards, some fake fall foliage, a pirate hat and hook and some, some small picture frames, some men’s clothing, a set of tiki mugs and the aforementioned plush toys.
I bought nothing.

Pile of plush toys.

Box of individually wrapped fake fruit.

Durand Dr. – Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

As soon as I began taking photographs of the clutter assembled on the sidewalk in front of this brick bungalow the seller asked if I was the person who did this web site. It appears that Goggling yard sales and Atlanta takes one very quickly to this website. At the sale I found bins of cold drinks for thirsty customers shopping in the continuing heat wave. Next to the drinks was a box of books among the titles were “Rationalization for Women Who do Too Much”, “Fat is a Feminist Issue” and “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. On one of the tables along the sidewalk were dog training books and a dog treat jar in the shape of a bulldog. Other stuff included a cervical collar, some toys, an old TV, a computer, a framed poster of Providence RI and some kitchenware. On the ground were two boxes of children’s books in one box the books were 50 cents in the other box they were free.
I bought nothing.

Dog training stuff in Druid Hills.

Ridley Cir. – Decatur “Estate Sale”

I arrived at this estate sale late in the morning on the second and final day of the sale. The majority of the goods in the home had already been sold so and I had to examine were the remnants of what no one cared to cart away. In the smallish bungalow I found remaining a great collection of books on yarn craft and needlework. The kitchen still contained a selection of old half used containers of cleaning products and drawers seemingly filled with unusable and unneeded objects. The bedrooms were nearly empty except for the closets that still contained some women’s clothing and a pile of men’s shoes. I went outside to a small storage shed where I found little more than half empty containers of plant food and insecticide. Near the door was a pile of assorted debris that contained old tools and cushions. I was not sure if this were trash or stuff for sale. Back in the house I tried to find if there was any fabric work that the owner of the estate may have left behind. All I found was one small crocheted item of undetermined use. But As I searched I did find plastic bags that contained either hair of fur, another plastic bag labeled doll fur, a shiatsu massager, a box of old Tupperware, an old print of a Jewish man reading the Torah and a box of half burned and broken candles and two candles in the shape of pine cones.
I bought nothing

Unwanted clutter in the back yard.

Bag of doll fur.

Candles shaped like pine cones.

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