Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few sales before leaving town…7/12/08

I had a wedding to attend in Birmingham so I had only a short time to explore what appeared to be a copious amount of nearby sales this Saturday.

Ponce de Leon Ave. – Decatur “Jumble Sale”

I need to start acquiring old plumbing hardware for an installation I’m creating at Agnes Scott College in the winter, so I stopped at this church bazaar to see what they had to offer. I found no objects suitable for my installation but I did encounter the usual debris of this type of event. As church sales go this one was better than most but did not have the spectacular feel of the Decatur sale I attended at the end of spring (look in the May or June archives). This inside event is held yearly and the jumble sale features everything except clothing. Not having much time I vainly searched for old showerheads and left without anything to assist in my artwork. But I did encounter some interesting art in my search as shown below.

Priceless snowman portrait.

Abstract in blue.

Neo-Cubist painting at Jumble Sale.

In a zigzag return home I was able to briefly visit a few other sales before departing for Alabama.

Winter Ave.- Oakhurst “Yard Sale”

This sale had wonderful rough hand painted signs. In the driveway of a bungalow I found a woman helping her spouse divest some of his long held belonging. Here I encountered a hat shaped like a moose, several pocketknives, a voodoo doll, some ugly stemware, some camera gear and a stethoscope. The wife was getting rid of a few things as well such as some novel cookbooks.
I bought nothing.

Cooking secrets of middle Georgia revealed.

Miller Ave.- Candler Park “Yard Sales”

This had to be the major disappointment of the month. According to the signs there were supposed to be three sales on this street but all I found was one meager sale and a driveway with two items in it. The single sale contained mostly baby items and the two items in the driveway were a chair and a metal shelving unit. I don’t know what happened to the other sale. I departed quickly in disgust.

South Ponce De Leon – Druid Hills “Yard Sale”
This event stood out as a definite man’s sale. Here in front of an out of place ranch home on a posh street, a young man presided over some fishing tackle, sporting goods and picnic coolers. Among the fishing tackle was an assortment of unopened packages of plastic grub lures. The gentleman did have a softer side as he was also selling small planters of bamboo and some potted aloe plants.
I bought nothing.

Casson Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

An artist friend on mine who is moving from her craftsman bungalow to a condo and needed to get rid of her excess stuff held this sale. Among the stuff gathered on her porch and walkway were religious candles and statuary, empty picture frames, luggage, a shopping cart full of plush animals, odd bits of hardware and an oversized paper mache’ demon head.
I bought nothing but considered returning to get the lighting stands that she had in her crawl space.

Woodland Ave. - Ormewood Park “Yard Sale”

Before getting on I-20 to drive to Birmingham we cruised thought Ormewood Park in search of one final sale before leaving Atlanta. Here we found a moderate amount of unexciting stuff crammed into a woman’s driveway. Among the clutter was a medium sized hookah, a selection of carved wooden giraffes, a large wicker flamingo, two little teddy bears in front of a sign saying “God Bless America”, an ugly wall plaque of a cow’s head and a book on how to shoot good photos.
We bought nothing.

Cool picture of book about creating cool pictures.