Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Octogenarian but instead a bowl of self-esteem 7/11/08

Woodbine Ave.- Sagamore Hills "Yard Sale"
I wanted to visit another Friday estate sale before my vacation ended so I decided to check out an octogenarian sale advertised in the AJC. I call octogenarian sales the champagne of yard sales simply for their promise of what excess 80 years of a clutter induced lifestyle can offer. I headed there with Cindy around noon with the address or the six-mile distant household entered into my GPS. But the mechanical voice of Lori on my GPS led us instead to a dead end street near Oak Grove with no sale in site. We attempted to get into a nearby-gated community but the gates would not open. So we headed home with Lori continually nagging us to turn around when Cindy spotted a small sign for a Friday yard sale off LaVista Rd.
Upon arriving at our substituted sale of the day we found rows of folding tabled arranged in the yard of a large ranch home. It was all a bit too clean for my taste but we exited the car and explored the rows of well-arranged clutter. Most of the stuff appeared nearly new and lacking in any exposure to dust, mildew or being handled by dirty human hands. There was a winder selection then expected but it was simply a wider selection of the things usually seen at your average sale. Here were piles of plush toys, stacks of bedclothes, lines of luggage, boxes of Tupperware, gaggles of tote bags, arrays of footwear and the standard collection of boring barware. In the driveway were larger items equally mundane computer desks, filing cabinets and exercise gear. There were a few bright moments among all of this such as the table containing an assortment of opened bottles of creams, lotions and personal care products. Best among these was an opened container of children’s dental floss and a have consumed bottle of Cepacol.
Another note worthy items was a framed print honoring Jose Ferrer for his performance in Cyrano. The title item the big bowl of self-esteem was worth examining along with its companion bowl containing printed mantras of personal price such as “You rule” Cindy spent more time perusing the clutter than I. She also was well controled in refraining herself from buying the Chinese hand puppet or the horrid mugs with demented smiling faces on them. She did buy a small jewelry box for a dollar. It was not due to our excess collection of jewelry but due to our cat that awakens us every morning by climbing on the dresser and tossing loose earrings and bracelets onto the floor. I bought a pair of gym shorts.

Selection of slightly used creams and lotions.

Self pride inducing bowl.

Ugly mugs not purchased.


Anonymous said...

Who in the world has that many folding tables? LOL.

Did you ever find the original sale that you started out for?

ShopDownLite.com said...

Maybe I have not been to many yard sales - but have trouble seeing how anyone would try to sell patially used lotions - yuk!

Awesome blog - fun read!

Poodlekiss said...

Hi,triple love your blog,hope you don't mind I have put two of the dog photos on my blog with a link back to yours.If its a problem just let me know and I will remove them!!

Anonymous said...

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