Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last Sales of August 8/30/08

Gaskill St – Cabbagetown “Yard Sale”

My last few forays into Cabbagetown have been very encouraging as I stumbled onto porches crammed with strange clutter and looked over by intriguing individual. Some of who offered me early morning alcohol. Today’s Cabbagetown visit was on the dry side. Here I found piles of reading with a mixture of cooking philosophy and literature. Among the volumes covering most of the small yard were “The Portable James Joyce”, “A Guide to Cat Care”, “Like Water for Chocolate”, “History of Philosophy”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, “Things fall Apart”, and “A Burnt out Case”
On a table in front of the house I found two boxes of hair dye, a VCR, four rolls of Tri X film, a bottle of glue, several sketch pads and a lint roller.
I bought nothing.

Unused film in Cabbagetown.

Emerson Ave – Ormewood Park “Yard Sale”

There was not much here at this sale near where I used to live in Ormewood. In front of a large two story home some clothing hung from a tree, a few other articles of clothing were stacked on a massage table and on a card table was a hand thrown vase, a set of coasters, a plastic bag of ceramic drawer pulls, a few wine glasses and a copy of “The Audacity of Hope” sitting on top of a copy of “La Cuisine De France”
I bought nothing.

Brownwood Ave. – East Atlanta “Moving Sale”

In the driveway of this bungalow I found a microwave oven, several lamps, a clock, a dog dish, some old videotapes and some men’s dress clothes that fit me. The seller said her spouse no longer worked a job that required him to dress nicely. So I bought three Brooks Brothers shits, a lightweight wool suit and an ultra-suede jacket.

Gresham Ave. – East Atlanta “Yard Sale”
In the yard of a small bungalow I found several tables of clutter a things in boxes on the grass. On the table was a pair of flamenco dancer dolls, a tub of sun block, and a pair of bookends with a miniature mace, a Clayton County police insignia, a pink plastic pig and a small Cooko Clock.
On the grass were women’s shoes, a box of old audio cables and an old gallon bottle with a cloth snake protruding from the top. In a box of books I found “Hermit Crab Care”, “The Carnival Midway Beckons Us”, “Perfume- The Art and Science of Scent”, “The Artist’s Way” and “Do It Yourself Shiatsu”
I bought nothing.

Box of stuff in East Atlanta

Bottle with snake.

Kirkwood “Yard Sale”
This was one of those sales where you could not quite understand if it was a yard sale or just a yard full of junk that evolved into a sale. I had a feeling I had seen some of this stuff before a nearby location at some other time.
Here a large collection of clutter was gathered or living in the driveway, courtyard or gravel parking lot between a home a metal building. In a more orderly display I found a 48 star US flag, a Bud Man figure, a quartet of small ceramic ducks, a half empty bottle of fancy vinegar, a George Foreman grill, a bottle of Scotch that had been turned into a cigarette dispenser,some old unopened 8 oz cans of PBR, a coffee maker and countless other artifacts. Propped up on a fence was a large Firestone Tire sign, a painting of an elk, a shadow box exhibiting six types of nautical knots, a sketch of a duck and a pamphlet about an armless musician.
In less order were some oversized plastic toy cars, a rack of clothing, garden tools, Xmas décor and an old bicycle.
The most outstanding item here (and the item the seller was most proud of) was a baby cradle created out of an old whiskey barrel. I could not find the good housekeeping seal of approval on the cradle.

Story of armless musician.

Miniature cans of beer.

Cradle fashioned from whiskey barrel.


Jenny / Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

I wish it was The Cuisine Of Hope and The Audacity Of France.

Tina said...

That was an interesting purchase on Brownwood! I'm truly laughing out loud!

I enjoy your blog.

Poodlekiss said...

How much were they asking for the whiskey barrel cradle?

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