Monday, September 01, 2008

saturday 8/23/08

McLendon Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I decided this morning to be especially lazy and visit only sales that were a visible from my home or from another yard sale. Well that was not really my intention when I awoke but the first sale could be seen from my front porch. In turn the second sale could be seen from the first sale.
This sale was in front of a quad apartment building at the end of my street. Gathered on the steep grassy entrance to the building was a rack of clothing, a sofa, skiing gear and more clothing piled in boxes on the ground. On a table were a TIVO, some kitchen-wares, a small inkjet printer and a bottle of skin cream. Below the table was a box of VHS tapes of popular movies, a box of small picture frames and a box of purses. In a box of books I spotted “Fast Food Nation”, Honeymoon with my Brother”, “Etiquette Guide to Japan”, “The Second Half of Life” and “My So Called Normal Life”. There really was not much here that was outstanding other than a bright red fuzzy lampshade and a small sculpture of two shirtless lovers in a reclining embrace.
I bought nothing.

Shirtless embrace.

Clifton Ave. - Candler Park “Moving Sale”
I could see the edge of this sale from a vantage point at the prior sale just a block away. This was a small sale of stuff inside and outside a small bungalow behind the Flying Biscuit. Walking past the crowd of Biscuit patrons waiting to be called inside so they could order their platters of organic eggs I made my way to this sale. Outside were a few small pieces of furniture and a vase in the shape of a Puffin. Leaning against the home were several framed pastoral art prints of country life and a large print of an F-16 flying low and in formation. Other stuff outside included a shelf of popular novels, three small plush bears, a copy of “Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul”, some small kitchen appliances and some large candles. There were even less inside just a few pieces of living room furniture and a few more kitchen things.
I bought nothing.

F-16 and rural scenes.